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When you are starting a healthy diet, beginning an exercise program, stopping an unhealthy habit or working on a relationship, one of the main elements for success is staying positive. Memories that can immediately make you smile such as occasions where you felt happy, appreciative and cheerful give a balanced perspective to your situation.
The situation probably won’t change whether you are positive or negative, so you might as well stay positive.
We are all here for a limited period of time, is it worth it to spend any of that time in a depressed, negative mood?
Remaining positive keeps one’s mind in the right state of balance and often opens resolutions to the problems at hand. Eliminating negativity, or rather, being positive is a mindset that can be found at any moment, and turned into a habit. You may have made a mistake, but now you can accept it and continue, knowing that you will make a different decision in the future.
Start counting the blessings and miracles in your life, start looking for them and you will find more.

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