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Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. A positive mind anticipates happiness, love, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. When the attitude is positive we entertain pleasant feelings and constructive images, and see in our mind’s eye what we really want to happen. You know, sometimes when life gets you down and there doesn’t ‘appear’ to be a friend in sight, what do you do? Sometimes we have to make choices that no-one else understands, but to allow the non-acceptance of others to eat away at us is negative in itself, it stops us from remaining practical at which point we become emotional – not very positive or constructive for anyone.
Dancing is such a wonderful way to regain a positive outlook – just like singing and whistling.

This happens instinctively and on a subconscious level, through thoughts and feelings transference, and through body language. When the mind is negative, poisons are released into the blood, which cause more unhappiness and negativity. Most people do not take these words seriously, as they do not know what they really mean, or do not consider them effective. This brings brightness to the eyes, more energy, love and happiness. THIS BRODCASTS POSITIVITY! Do you become despondent and start seeing the negative side of life (maybe even take it out on others) or do you remain unaffected and tread on regardless? Sometimes in the process of self transformation others may not understand, accept, support or even like certain decisions you may need to make in order to empower yourself.

Allowing negativity to take control undoes all our own hard work – in fact, it can actually become quite destructive if we don’t pay attention.
Not an easy task when you’re feeling heavy hearted… However, when we allow ourselves to tap into our inner song, our inner dance uplifts us and upholds that inner positivity. This is a wonderful time to remember our inner resources, it enables us to let go of dependence on others for our happiness. I was then able to let go – let go of expectations and let go of worrying about what others thought of me.

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