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The author of the bestselling The Power of Positive Thinking presents a new work that shows how the principles of positive thinking have been applied in thousands of successful turnarounds, both professional and personal. How do you turn potentially devastating situations into actual life-strengthening experiences?
Incidents of Travel in Poetry is a landmark re-introduction to the work of this major Latino poet. From his first contact with poetry while incarcerated as a juvenile offender in Harlem, through his meetings with Langston Hughes and Frank Oa€™Hara, his years with Berkson and Padgett and Berrigan, his stint as a chef, and his years of living his Vow to Poetry when he wrote at least a poem a day in total obscuritya€”Limaa€™s life is an epic of contradictions. Beginning with poems from Inventory (1964), his installment in the legendary Tibor de Nagy poetry series, Incidents includes selections from Lima's previous volumes, tracing his development from his early snapshots of street life to his later surrealist-influenced abstract lyricism.

Peale also demonstrates show the power of a positive attitude can directly affect one's life today.
The bulk of the collection comes from his later unpublished manuscripts, and thus Incidents represents the full range of Lima's work for the very first time. Besides the latest decorating trends, Decormag offers tips for choosing furniture and fixtures, design ideas to rejuvenate interior and equip your home. Peale shows in example after example how the magic of attitude can perform miracles in your daily existence.
Lima was an authentic outlier and Incidents of Travel transcends and decolonizes any attempt at easy categorization.

The dream we wish we could have, whispers that hint of a new waste land, and we'll always be in his debt for having Lima as a guide."a€”Willie Perdomo, The Essential Hits of Shorty Bon Bon.

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