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At the beginning of the year we looked at ‘leading intentionally’ – adopting a leadership mindset in which one’s ‘purpose’ and ‘role’ are fundamentally connected and understood. When leading intentionally, the power of positive disruption is an important concept to understand and to adopt.
At the core of positive disruption is the understanding that you have to actually make change happen. Physical form means positively disrupting the status quo – invariably telling people to stop doing what they’ve always been doing, and to adopt a new approach. Challenge yourself, and those you trust, to come up with radical ideas that will facilitate the change… then put these into practice.
Once you’ve plotted the new course – get your hands on the tiller and turn the wheel – hard. Nsight 2 Success is a leadership consulting firm that specializes in Executive Coaching, Team Development and Succession Planning - helping organizations achieve their business imperatives through their people. Leading intentionally enables us to lead authentically and with a sense of mandate and purpose, equipping us to tackle challenges head-on because we remain grounded by the ‘intention’ of what we’re doing. However, the reality is that in all organizations, some parts operate much more successfully than others.
Do you make small changes that create positive disruption – or huge, sweeping changes that are experienced as drastic by those around you?

We frequently use phrases like ‘talking the talk, walking the walk’ and in the context of positive disruption, this phrase is never more relevant. To be really effective and to increase the chance of success – this does not mean simply applying a Band-Aid – it means going into the operating theatre. If you are new in post, consider starting with something small before taking on the bigger challenges. It is the ‘no man’s land’ made up of quicksand in which ideas often sink or get shot down all too easily.
There will be choppy water ahead, but once you’ve navigated through this – you’re into new territory. As a leader and depending on the amount of clout you may have – this can mean anything from changing your leadership team through to changing the prevailing culture within the organization.
In an organizational context, we are all familiar with the stereotype of the co-worker who just abhors change, stating instead that “this is how we’ve always done things around here”.
We all have good ideas, can talk about what we might do differently and perhaps even get buy-in from above. Think radically of how this gap can be ‘bridged’, not by gingerly walking from left to right, but either through ‘heavy engineering’ or better still, an innovative ‘aerial assault’ that will traverse the gap – something that cannot be easily sabotaged at ground level.
It is vital to understand that real change only comes about when the current status quo is disrupted and a ‘new course’ is set.

The trouble is, and especially in the context of the business world, if you are not an agent for change, you risk falling behind your competitors who are more innovative, adaptable and forward thinking than you are. If we stick with our leadership mindset which is to lead intentionally – we know that by linking our purpose with our remit, we have given ourselves permission to do what is needed. Being a change agent (aka a positive disrupter) doesn’t mean ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’ or simply instigating ‘change for change’s sake’ – but it does mean pro-actively, assertively and with 100% commitment – creating an environment in which things that don’t work very well, can and will be done differently. There is most definitely something within your organization that can and should be overhauled to better meet the needs of your customers and stakeholders. Our stakeholders are relying on us to do the ‘right thing’ for the organization and if doing so means radical change, then this is what must be done. If you’re a leader and you understand your business and what needs changing – forging ahead with brave new initiatives is what you’re paid to do.
People gravitate towards leaders who have a strong sense of purpose and direction and a deep belief in their own convictions.

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