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One of the many wonderful things about positive thinking is that anyone can acquire it with a little motivation and a sense of humor (and perhaps a daily scroll through posts tagged "positivity" on Tumblr).
Remembering all the good things that you have makes it a whole lot easier not to focus on what you don't have. A multitude of studies, data and anecdotal evidence supports the notion that optimists experience less stress, stronger immune systems and overall better health than their Debby Downer counterparts.

Click through the slideshow below for 10 tried-and-true tips on busting negativity and taking control over your own happiness. Being thankful and appreciating the abundance in your life -- rather than dwelling on what feels lacking -- is rule #1 for shifting your thinking from negative to positive. But it's not always easy to look on the bright side -- in our overbooked and over-connected lives, getting caught up in a cycle of worry, anxiety and negative thoughts is a norm in many of our lives.

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