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Lie back and picture life after your ambitions are fulfilled, the motivational gurus used to say, and you'll bring that end result closer to reality. In the study, volunteers felt de-energized after visualizing success in an essay competition. A related problem with picturing what life will be like after we've achieved our goals is that it encourages us to gloss over the obstacles to success that are standing in our way.
Oettingen's team call this strategy "mental contrasting" a€“ thinking about how wonderful it would be to achieve your goals, while paying due attention to where you're at now and all the distance and difficulties that lie in between. Two weeks after a group of mid-level managers at four hospitals in Germany were trained in this mental contrasting technique, research by Oettingen's group showed they'd achieved more of their short-term goals than their colleagues who'd missed out on the training, and they found it easier to make planning decisions. Have a go a€“ think of one of your ambitions, write down three benefits of succeeding, but then pause and consider the three main obstacles in your way, and write those down, too. It's worth noting, however, that mental contrasting works best as a counter-point to high morale and expectations of success. One scenario when we're likely to be flush with confidence and optimism is after receiving positive feedback. By thinking realistically about the obstacles to success, it helps us pick challenges that we're likely to win and avoid wasting time. The best performers on the insight problems were those participants who'd received the positive feedback about their potential and who'd performed mental contrasting. At 99U, Behance's education arm, we focus on what happens after inspiration a€” researching the forces that truly push ideas to fruition. Overview - Teachers are supposed to inspire the younger generation to follow their dreams and achieve great things. In 2011, the New York University psychologist Gabriele Oettingenpublished the results of an elegant study, conducted with her colleagueHeather Kappes, in which participants were deprived of water. Make an effort to visualize every detail a€“ the finished screenplay sitting pretty on your desk, the gushing reviews in the paper, the sports car parked outside.The gurus claimed these images would galvanize your determination. While the fantasy about our successful new fashion line or our future gym-fit physique might give us a frisson of excitement, it also distracts us from the practical steps we need to put in place to turn dream into reality.

That's another benefit of mental contrasting: by thinking realistically about the obstacles to success, it helps us pick challenges that we're likely to win and avoid wasting time on projects that are going nowhere. Going through this routine will help ensure you direct your motivation and energy where it's needed most, and help you identify if this particular goal is a non-starter.
When you're feeling confident, it ensures your positive energy is channelled strategically into the tasks and activities that are essential for progress. In a more recent study, Gabriele Oettingen and her colleagues tested the value of mental contrasting in a simulation of just such a situation. Half the study participants were given false feedback on a test of their creative potential, with their results inflated to suggest that they'd excelled. They out-classed their peers who'd received inflated feedback but only indulged in positive thoughts, and they outperformed those participants who'd received negative feedback (regardless of whether they, too, performed mental contrasting). Indulge yourself a little a€“ you're on track after all a€“ but also take time to think about the obstacles that remain, and the practical steps you'll need to enact to overcome them.
Our profiles of proven idea makers, action-oriented tips, and annual conference are all designed to help you transform ideas from vision to reality. Some of these parched volunteers were then taken through a guided visualisation exercise, in which they were asked to picture an icy glass of water, the very thing they presumably craved. Of course you need to have an end goal in mind a€“ purpose and direction are vital a€“ but just as important is to think hard about the hurdles lying in wait.
In advance of the main challenge a€“ a series of creative insight problems a€“ some of the participants were then taught mental contrasting: writing about how good it would feel to smash the problems, and then writing about the likely obstacles to achieving that feat, such as daydreaming.
The mental contrasting technique guards against complacency, ensuring the boost of your early win is multiplied into long-term success. He writes the Research Digest blog for the British Psychological Society and is staff writer on their house magazine The Psychologist. Afterwards, by measuring everyone’s blood pressure, Oettingen discovered that the exercise had drained people’s energy levels, and made them relax.
But then some important research came along that muddied the rosy picture.Gabriele Oettingen's psychology lab at New York University has shown that visualizing our aims as already achieved can backfire.

The positive imagery can be inspiring at first but it also tricks the mind into relaxing, as if the hard work is done. Again and again, in her research, Oettingen has shown that making a fantasy of something you want can make it harder to achieve in reality. This means the more compelling the mental scene of success, the more likely it is that your energy will seep away. Imagine receiving a windfall of cash, and you’ll be less motivated to engage in the kinds of activities that might bring you money.
Intriguingly – though admittedly the link may not be causal – there’s even a relationship between how much “positive thinking” language American presidents use in their inaugural speeches, and how much unemployment rates change by the end of their presidential terms. The more positive the fantasy about the future, the fewer jobs in real life.Fist-pumping motivational gurus have long claimed that your brain “can’t distinguish between reality and imagination”.
Ironically, Oettingen’s experiments show they’re right about that – but also that the conclusion they draw is spectacularly wrong.
Attempting to “experience your success as if it had already materialized” is a fast-track to disappointment.Thankfully, not all kinds of thinking about the future are quite so self-sabotaging.
In Oettingen’s new book, Rethinking Positive Thinking, published in the USon Thursday and elsewhere next month, she makes the case for “mental contrasting”, a technique that involves methodically combining positive and negative thoughts about your own future, in a way that seems to work strikingly well if you’re trying to replace bad habits or mindsets with good ones. When low-income schoolchildren in Germany and the US were trained briefly in the method, it led to increased school attendance and better academic performance.The technique’s full formal name is less than catchy – “mental contrasting with implementation intentions” – so in her book, Oettingen rebrands it as“Woop”, for “wish, outcome, obstacle, plan”. First, spend a minute or two thinking in detail about something you wish to accomplish; second, vividly imagine the best thing you associate with having achieved that outcome. But then it exploits the motivating power of knowing what you have not yetattained – that there’s serious ground you’ll have to cover. In fact, Oettingen’s research suggests, convincing yourself that life’s meant to be easy just makes it appreciably harder.

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