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It was only after many years of soul-searching and internalizing inspirational writings that I discovered that I can love without getting hurt. Now this is where pain comes in: when you demand something in return for the love you give. When you insist upon yourself that you always have to be in control, that you always have to be right, that others must always please you, you mold unreasonable expectations of yourself and the ones you love.
Harrods London, the prestigious British Department Store declared Fashion Avec Passion “Harrods Blog of the Week”. Janina Nectara is engaging her forces into empowering women, being Gucci’s Romanian Ambassador of the Chime For Change global initiative, the humanitarian worldwide movement co-funded by Frida Giannini, Beyonce and Salma Hayek.
During Milano Fashion Week, Janina co-stared in BLOGGERS LOVE ARMANI Video realized by the leading women’s weekly publication in Italy, Grazia Italia, in collaboration with Armani. Forbes Magazine listed Janina Nectara among FORBES 30 Under 30 Young Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Romania.

However, crying had a liberating effect for 30% of the women who cried rather short, but intense, and while they were in the presence of another person. You are actually setting yourself up for disappointment because love cannot always be reciprocal. A team of psychologists in the United States and the Netherlands have done research on its effects and found out that tears are good only if crying on someone’s shoulder, a person who can understand and support you. Most of them (60%) said they felt the same after they cried, and 9% of them felt even worse.
I would dream about the object of my affection all day and all night, imagining good times together, thinking of what I can do or give him to show how much I cared. Is disappointment really a price to pay for all the happiness we feel when we’re in love? I would feel light as a feather, energized and excited, literally blooming with the joy I felt inside.

No matter how much your partner loves you, she will never be able to fill all your needs all the time.
If we keep in mind that we can indeed preserve its true meaning, we can love to the fullest and be happy the rest of our lives. And you are worst off if you believe you should love only when you are sure to receive equal love in return. When we welcome these into our lives, we open ourselves up to love and affection rather than anger and frustration. If you can accept that difference then you can have a healthier perspective of your relationship.

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