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Conservative clerics have long warned against importing western music into Islamic societies.
Sir Cliff Richard hits out at the way sex abuse claims against him were handled, but says he is "thrilled" no charges will be brought.
Major universities have set up campuses here while international think tanks have opened up offices. Omar Alfardan, the Qatari president of Resort Development Company, which holds the franchise for St Regis Doha, is a jazz enthusiast, whose father brought him up listening to Louis Armstrong.

There's a strong ability to pay attention which I find impressive."Possibly, they're paying too much attention and not getting into the swing of things. Mr Garnett feels the audience has yet to fully relax during sets."It's still a process of educating," he observes. It's called soft power and the ultimate in soft power may be jazz.At the luxury St Regis hotel in Doha, the Alvester Garnett Quintet is performing for 12 nights.
Finding a jazz band at a luxury hotel isn't surprising but in this part of the world, the music faces criticism from religious scholars.

We've have had to say at points, feel free to applaud during the solos," he laughs.It's already won over some fans. I just hope more people can be introduced to the jazz culture and they can respect that too.

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