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Maryn McKenna: I feel as though everyone struggles with their habits and wants to change them, which must make this book universally appealing. MM: You talk in the Prologue about being assigned to Iraq, and meeting an Army major who had changed the habit of public gathering for an entire small town called Kufa – thus defusing anti-American demonstrations – and how this made you realize that habits could be learned and changed. MM: Once you started to dig into this, did you feel like you’d been handed some sort of golden key? CD: It was kind of a slow process, because there is so much research on this that it was hard to aggregate. MM: I was struck by how many of the social patterns I examine as a journalist could be construed as habits, and started to wonder whether viewing them that way could supply a lever to change them.
So if we’re going to change doctors’ habits, we have to provide them with some similar type of reward for a new routine. MM: I want to see if we can apply the habit-loop analysis to one of my other big topics, which is agricultural use of antibiotics as opposed to human-medicine use.
CD: The way you identify keystone habits is that you look for things that have emotional resonance. This is part of an intermittent series I’m running this summer about books I like and think you should take a look at.
For the fourth installment of Superbug Summer Books, I talked to Duhigg by phone and edited and condensed our chat.

He talked about how a whole bunch of his friends had become either meth addicts or meth dealers, and that he was clearly on that path, and that he had never been successful until he joined the military. There would be one study that looked at travel habits when people go on vacation, and another study about how people quit smoking. But it certainly does apply to the doctor, because the doctor is seeing patients constantly, and gets into a routinized pattern about how to deal with a particular complaint. You’re much better off creating positive rewards, complimenting people for acting correctly, rather than punishing them when they act incorrectly. Agriculture clings to this, but there is a lot of citizen and now legal pressure for the industry to change.
Though I would say they’re not mutually exclusive, the outside pressure and the desire to change; in fact they probably have to become synonymous. You talk in the book about achieving small wins, and also about identifying the “keystone habit” – the thing that, once it is changed, makes other changes fall into place.
When I talk to companies about how they changed, what people often say is, “The way I discovered the keystone habit is, I tried to figure out what kind of change scared me the most. I couldn’t find anything that said, “Here’s the magic key that will help you unlock all of your own habits!” That was part of why I decided to write the book: I felt it would be an opportunity to put all these disparate studies into one framework that would hopefully be helpful to people.
Specifically, how difficult it is to get patients to not expect an antibiotic prescription at the end of a doctor’s office visit, whether or not the prescription is warranted.

And what’s really interesting, is that, for the doctor, there is clearly a reward in writing the scrip: The patient stops complaining, is happy, and goes home. Maybe it’s a payment bonus structure that’s tied to how many antibiotics scrips they are giving out, or not. One of the best examples of this is the campaign against Nike and Reebok regarding overseas labor conditions.
So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. About the end of the second cup, I surface from email long enough to realize that it is an hour later that I thought, and I have missed my chance. You go into the doctor’s office and you want something that you think is going to improve the odds of healing. The physician has to be able to give the patient something in its place, something that is more satisfying than saying, “Just wait and it will get better,” and I’m not sure that there is anything else to give. The other reward is that we can become an industry leader on more humane manufacturing systems.” And today actually Nike is seen as an industry leader on social responsibility, and they get a lot of social reward for that, and can take a moral high ground.

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