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Western Dualism was born as Hellenic Dualism (Aristotle), and this dualism and the inherent xenophobia that there are whole countries with 'barbarians' that are made for slavery' was spread all over the Middle East by Aristotle's student Alexander the Great. Practices like massive murdering when attacking 'barbarians' and a harsh type of slavery for the unlucky survivors. Catholicism was main source of Islam (Muslim Catholicism) and Muhammed gratefully copied the 'slavery is natural' attitude of the Romans.
Slavery is accepted in the Qur’an and sharia and is supported by the example of Muhammad, and slavery still exists today in many Islamic countries. Catholic metaphysics unlike intuition only accepts catholic 'good' and hunts catholic 'evil'.
Of course one might ask: Without the catholic God, how is it possible to distinguish good and evil? Intuition only distinguishes (locally and temporary) 'better' behavior and (temporary) 'worse' behavior. The good-evil dualism was made into a full grown fundamentalism by the Catholic variant Protestantism.
Especially The Pilgrims (most of them living in the city of Leiden, in the Netherlands after being expelled from England) who sailed to The New World had a dream. In reality the 'good' to be an egoist capitalist individualist (a liberal) as practiced in the US created a hell with Wars on Terrorism.
Luther's rule Self love should be practiced as true path into 'the kingdom of heaven' resulted in lots of egoism (driven by logic) and a lack of (emotion driven) love.
Aristotelian 'God = the form of Reality' is the easy way out, by explaining the complexity of random developed physical life with an inphysical design. This Aristotelianism was once again revived in the 12th century by the godfather of Catholicism Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274).
Aquinas must have noticed that spirit-body dualism was a fine way to prove the existence of the 'super spirit' God.
Aquinas made catholic 'good' absolute and that way denied the common sense that 'good' is what works, what keeps you alife. Two ages later Leonardi DaVinci 1452 - 1519) said: Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first known. Denying history: Prejudice 'good=power consistent' of the 'powerful' defines evil=bad=not-good of those without power. Intuition can be seen as a computer based a logic of say 20 to 50 variables, and 'tuned' in billions of years evolution. Seen that way computers are of level 'brick' and intuition of level 'communicating cities'. A reason to ban slavery might be its ineffectivity on long term, prevention of misery and high costs. Cultural members locally 'weave' myths around what is culturally 'good' (some extreme of better) and what is culturally 'bad' (some extreme of worse). Cultural Relativism without judging researches 'bad' and 'good', as extreme sides of local paradigms.

Because what is defined as 'terrorism' in a protestant culture (culture-1), is guerilla for freedom in Iran (culture-2). The Israel-Palestine Conflict shows that a fence dividing different views on life is reasoned into ferocious 'intifada'. For the Catholic Encyclopedia 'evil' is of three kinds - physical, moral, and metaphysical. Humans are of all living beings supposed to be superior (most close to eternal-creation=god), having the most developed 'mind'.
In short: systematic physical torture, catastrophes, doctrines that don't follow creation=god = ('mental' torture).
In the meantime left standpoint: Some humans (not western and not catholic) have little god factor and are only fit to be slaves. Mexicans in the ghetto Mexico (concentration country) and training to be 'good' enough for being 'pet' of US-human produce mood 'good'. Similar to imagining a COOL swimming pool (good) in a HOT desert (evil) , and out of 'thirst' with a red face diving in the sand (to avoid 'evil'). If the emotion 'feeling thirsty' makes you eat sand, then your brain (sensory motor) plays tricks.
In fact 'justice' (Western World way) in practice was used to continue corruption, slavery, genocide and to suppress freedom-fighting. Leading around natural resources outside Western World to: 2nd and 3rd world, poverty, misery and increasingly severe freedom fighting. Western World 'politicians' (pharisees) see The people in Iran as agressive 'rats' with atom bombs. Relative thinking is observing 'rats' looking from a different angle or using different light, and suddenly seeing 'humans'. The classic Popper Kuhn 'Debate' opposed 'rat-heaven' with common sense (Popper's absolute Critical Rationalism and Kuhn's relative paradigm thinking).
What is effective on the VERY VERY long term is stored in DNA, and what works 'temporarily' (that might be several ages) is stored in common sense. Or a behavior property might disappear before promotion to DNA, because of a paradigm shift.
And then effectivity is not seen in virtual ways like 'economical sense' or 'management sense'.
A local so called 'Natural Law' like 'democracy of the people' is not only the opposite of evolution, it is dangerous. Because 'jealousy' in that case gets a formal procedure that helps 'the people' to destroy quality. Then to beat 'quality' the slogan becomes 'rules are rules' or like in WWII 'befehl ist befehl'. Because that ethics might be completely abstract (no connection to common sense), it is better to speak about fantasy or dream. The ancient Hellenistic Greek Aristotle designed a dual fantasy world for his master the maniac Alexander the Terrible.

In Persia this Alexander robbed 2500 tons of gold and silver and killed many thousands of people. Often though such dreams (visions) are made airborn by some highpriest of traditional knowledge.
Wernher von Braun considered his V2 missiles designed for Hitler to explode in London as a huge step for mankind, but used this quote when sending a much more expensive V2 to the moon as Head of NASA. Such hero's of Tradition are used to give their own fantasies names like 'theory', 'invention', 'innovation''or 'concept.
Anyway that doesn't change the fact that outside their own fantasy such dreams are nothing more than creating a virtual reality as way to make sense of reality.
If you want to be elected, then out of lack of leadership qualities you might erase critics in a war on terrorism. Sea gypsies in Thailand survived the 2005 tsunami, by correct interpretation of signs given by the ocean. To presume conflict in a family between 'The Superiors' and 'The Inferiors' is PLAYING 'snake in the paradise'.
But creating a conflict, and 'solving' that conflict by engineering two side by side cultures is no lasting 'solution'. Example Common Sense: I'm sure The Dalai Lama supports the working towards a free Tibetan culture WITHIN overall China. Example 'rationality: 'Solving' a Kosovo - Serbia 'conflict' by accepting conflict and creating TWO independent cultures. The two cultures trigger partly fundamental behavior, it's that behavior that needs change. CHANGE in BEHAVIOR is only accomplished by experimenting out of WILL to Live Together in Cooperation. This later became a belief that America will lead the world into a new era of 'good', with peace and security. And around their 'judgement' of 'good' such selfdefined 'good' always created a 'science' (religion).
Skill made into computers is a blessing in technology, conservatism (rigidly applying out of date rules) is a disaster in the field of intuition.
When looking at differences mainly an extension from today, BUT when looking at ethics change might be HUGE.
An extra line disconnects thoughts, length accentuates the connection.Curved lines give visual rhythm and variety and so are easier to remember, more pleasant to draw and less boring to look at. The Mind Map allows you to catch and keep whatever ‘thought ball’ is thrown by your brain.8. Have fun!Add a little humour, exaggeration or absurdity wherever you can.Your brain will delight in getting the maximum use and enjoyment from this process and will therefore learn faster, recall more effectively and think more clearly.

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