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Leonardo described water as "the vehicle of nature" ("vetturale di natura"), believing water to be to the world what blood is to our bodies. Water is indispensable to humans, animals and plants, yet it can also be the instrument of their destruction.
Leonardo had witnessed great storms, and conducted numerous studies of the motion of water. He examined the motion of waves and currents, and was the first to postulate the principle of erosion: "Water gnaws at mountains and fills valleys. Perhaps as a result of these events, and as a way of dealing with his fears, Leonardo devoted a lot energy to developing ways or devices to control and move water around water.
One large scale but never realized plan was for a navigable canal linking Florence to the sea.

The curator of European Art, Denver Art Museum takes FEA travelers through the private collection of Frederick C. Travelers will explore LA including the Getty Villa and Center, LACMA, a private collection and artists’ studios. All text, images and software code on this website are copyright property of Friends of European Art and its programmers unless otherwise noted. It fell as rain or snow, springs from the ground, and runs in streams and rivers to the vast reservoir of the seas.
There is nothing more terrifying, he felt, than a swollen river breaking its banks and sweeping people, animals, houses, trees, and even the land itself down into the sea. The scheme included cutting a series of giant steps with locks to enable ships to sail up into the hills.

In his drawings and in his writings he describes terrible floods and inundations and great storms. Leonardo had witnessed such disasters when the Arno river burst its banks on 12 January 1466, and again in 1478. Any commercial reproduction, redistribution, publication, or other use by electronic means or otherwise is prohibited unless pursuant to a written license signed by the Phoenix Art Museum.

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