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There were a lot of similaries to JR but I kept thinking of it as more along the lines of the first JR's. I didn't handle my parents that well and I was seventeen; any my sister who was thirteen even less so. Emily is very much animals and stuffed animals.I have to admit Kara is my favorite, she's just snarky enough and keeps true to her personality.
But in the end does come about and helps save Ravenwood in the way that fits her best.(Reply) (Thread) (Anonymous) 2012-01-31 09:21 pm (UTC) Rawr!

Jacquesworth from Avalon Archive here.I agree that Emily suffers from severe lack of characterization throughout the series. She doesn't react to her parents' divorce until Book 4 (I think), and her character doesn't develop significantly until the last three books. I would've liked it more if she was just as fleshed out as Adriane or Kara.Ozzie has it worse off, character development-wise. Most fans of the series hate her because she's a spoiled princess.Oh, and thanks to Ry for starting these discussions!

You caught more JR references than I did ^_^(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) ry_sabir 2012-02-01 05:24 am (UTC) So glad that you could join us for the discussion!
Carolyn Fletcher – Emily’s mom, and a vet who runs the Stonehill Animal Hospital and Pet Palace.

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