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I read this book in two days in my spare time (something I don’t have a lot of) and sent a message to Austin that this was one of the best books I had read in a long time.
There are actually three books in this series: The House of Power, Rivers of Fire, and The Dark Planet. Because this story starts off with an eleven-year-old hero, I was afraid it might be another one of those Harry Potter clones that are still with us. What I found particularly satisfying about this book is that Atherton is a created world, with three tiers: the Highlands, Tabletop, and the Flatlands. It is rare that Marxist literary criticism is taught in the middle school or even high school classroom, but these two books do present an almost textbook example of power relationships in literature that can be studied from a Marxist literary perspective, from the form of government to the the way characters interact or how they spend their free time (the latter of which is a real surprise for Edgar when he gets to the Highlands). Born a slave in Maryland, Harriet Tubman escaped to freedom, and later led more than 300 other slaves to the North and to Canada to their freedom. In the nearly half-century she lived after the war ended, Harriet Tubman helped a biographer publish her life story, spoke for the rights of women and African Americans, helped organize the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) Zion Church, and set up a home for indigent aged African Americans. Harriet Tubman fought for a military pension, but was only able to win a widow's pension on account of her second husband's service. New England Anti-Slavery Society, General Vigilance Committee, Underground Railroad, National Federation of Afro-American Women, National Association of Colored Women, New England Women's Suffrage Association, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
Statement from the Board of Directors for the Pittsburgh Public Schools Regarding the Hiring of Dr.

In the center of Tabletop are the cliffs that lead to the Highlands, but climbing those cliffs is strictly forbidden.
I was really in the mood for some new books, something unlike anything I had been reading lately. Unfortunately, my local library only has the first two in the series, and I was bummed that I wouldn’t be able to follow the entire story arc.
Those with power live in the Highlands, and in addition to controlling the flow of water from the Highlands to Tabletop (where it is always in short supply), they periodically send baskets down the cliffs for the people of Tabletop to fill with figs, rabbits, and mutton—their only agricultural products. Even the three-tiered structure of Atherton itself is symbolic of the social structures described by Marxism. The best-known conductor on the Underground Railroad, she was acquainted with many of the social reformers and abolitionists of her time, and she spoke against slavery and for women's rights. However, the story that starts in The House of Power is finished by the end of Rivers of Fire.
In fact, the people of the Highlands lead a very bourgeois existence, while those of Tabletop could only be described as peasants. Depending on where you teach, you may or may not be able to use the word Marxist in the classroom, but you can certainly talk about the economic relationships depicted in the book and how they affect the characters’ lives. Most famously she led the Combahee River expedition, under the command of James Montgomery, helping to blow up Southern supply lines and free hundreds of slaves.

Soon he discovers other secrets, such as why Tabletop is undergoing a series of increasingly strong earthquakes, and exactly who lives in the Highlands, and how they control the source of water. The Dark Planet actually tells a story that happens after all the action in the first two is well over.
Will he solve these mysteries in time to save his world, and the lives of his new friends Samuel and Isabel?
While that seems to cover a lot of territory, it barely scratches the surface, these tropes are found in a lot of kid lit and YA lit. What keeps them from descending into cliche in the Atherton series, and what prevents these books from becoming just another HP clone is the richness of detail Carman uses to create his world. Without Harry Potter, there would be no Harry Potter clones, but without Harry Potter, Atherton would still be very much with us.

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