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Using daily affirmations improves anyone’s mental status, regardless of circumstances.
Using positive affirmations does not, of course, mean that bad things are not going to happen around you. Hypnotists have used the power of suggestion on the subconscious mind for years to change behavior, but you don’t have to have outside help. You don’t have to share your daily affirmations with anyone around you, but you might find that your beliefs are shining through in your actions. Showing gratitude for the things we already have is a key element to making daily affirmations effective. It doesn’t matter if you are using your daily affirmations to apply things to your personal or work life. You may be feeling a little skeptical about daily affirmations, but think about how you respond when someone criticizes you.

It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, today is a fresh start to help make good things start happening in your life.
We live in the real world, and there are things that are going to push your limits on what you feel you can handle.
Uses a few minutes at work to meditate on your positive affirmations before the afternoon kicks in, or say it out loud in your car with conviction. By enjoying the small things, your eyes will be open to the larger things that make your life full.
A journal is a good way to record the positive parts of your life, so when you are having a down day you can use it with your daily affirmations to see how good life is. If you use positive affirmations, good things will follow, and bad things follow negative thinking. Daily affirmations work by helping you learn how to control your emotions when bad things are going on around you, which will prevent you from letting the frustration overtake you.

You may have to retrain your subconscious mind to really grab onto what you are training it to make you believe it. Your positive attitude attracts other people to you, and infects them with a positive attitude.
This offsets the domino effect of negative thinking, if you will, allowing the good to come back quicker.
Your positive affirmations should reflect this mindset of the desired result instead of focusing on the negative.

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