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I am opening my consciousness to a greater prosperity and part of that prosperity is an increased salary. My job allows me to express my talents and abilities, and I am grateful for this employment. I am totally open and receptive to a wonderful new position, one that uses all my talents and abilities, and allows me to express creatively in ways that are fulfilling to me. In this short, but powerful video, Louise shares her affirmations on creating a successful career.
These affirmations are from Florence Scovel Shinn's book Your Word Is Your Wand.There is no competition on the Spiritual plane.

Click for a range of affirmations with fun images.Click to view these affirmations without images. I realize there are laws that govern the Universe, and I work with these laws in every area of my life. I work with and for people whom I love, and who love and respect me, in a wonderful location and earning good money. What is mine is given me, under grace.I am identified in love with the Spirit of this person (or persons). Technical skills can be learned in structured training, often with special tuition and hands-on practice.

God protects my interest and the Divine Idea now comes out of this situation.Click for more Career Affirmations by Florence Scovel Shinn.
But where (and how) do you learn the 'soft skills' that can make such a difference, the skills that will make you the chosen candidate, or the person everyone wants on their team?Using hypnosis, you can really get to work on how you handle different aspects of working life, from punctuality to project management, from selling to dealing with paperwork, from running a meeting to dealing with difficult colleagues.These learning job skills hypnosis downloads cover a range of different work situations, and will give you the tools to be at your best in any or all of them, confident that you can handle it.

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