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Once upon a time, during my college years, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a hospital. On another occasion during the same year, I began that week studying the brain and its functions.
From discovering this phenomenon, I wanted to see if it would work in other areas of my life. I am relating this phenomenon to real experiences because once you see its universal application, you too can use it to see instant results in your life. If your goal is vague and you only have an image of your goal, you can leverage your burning desire to reach the goal to see the law of attraction in your life. The Law of Attraction as mysterious at it may sound, is a theme we have been told for many years.

One of the most subtle forces of the universe is at work constantly bringing your thoughts into reality. The game was going so well, I didn’t want to stop what I was doing to go meet some random girl who was auditioning.
Shut off the TV, turn off the computer (if applicable), turn off your phone and focus on one objective or topic. If you have no knowledge of all the steps to get you to your goal, then write as many as you can up to your goal.
I am referring to a phenomenon that once you realize its past function in your life, you will begin to see its true power.
But having a burning desire and an image led me to discover the unknown steps to finding her.

I stopped in wonder and immediately began to realize there is something to this focus  thing. If you focus on one frequency, the universe will align you to that frequency and bring it into your world.
Now, only having a mental image of a face,trying to find someone in a huge university is harder than it sounds.
After I tried to remember her face for the next two weeks and made it a goal to actually meet this girl, I ran across her at an extremely random moment.

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