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Many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction – that we can manifest our deepest desires by thinking about them. I remember learning about the Law Of Attraction and realising that my thoughts were always negative. Rachel Medhurst is a passionate Spiritual Writer, Energy Healer and Trainee Spiritual Life Coach. Filed under Mind Body Spirit Holistic Guides and tagged intentions, Law of Attraction, love, manifestation, positive thinking, universal laws, what is the law of attraction? Passionate about wellness, yoga, meditation, and raw food - Cheryl heads up the social media team for Mind Body Spirit and her business Soul Seed Media specialises in providing social media and PR support to holistic businesses.
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Have you woken up in the morning and felt grumpy, only for everything to go wrong that day? To find out more about Rachel, please see Breakthrough – Your Journey and Love Yourself Healing. Read our blog from Spiritual Writer, Energy Healer and Trainee Spiritual Life Coach, Rachel Medhurst as she guides us through the process. You don’t feel worthy of what you are intending to create, so some inner healing is needed.
This law is working all the time, attracting to you anything that you focus on or think about. The Law Of Attraction then attracts that experience to you, because it believes that you already have it.

By sending out the positive thought, you’re asking the universe to bring you what you desire. The more energy that you put into negative thoughts, the more likely the situation won’t change.
If you want to turn it around, instead of seeing what is actually there, start to see it how you want it to be.

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