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Since the release of book and movie The Secret, millions of people around that world have developed a brand new way of thinking and a better way of life. It has been instrumental in helping countless individuals recognize their own personal power and how it relates to one of the most popular and pre-existing universal laws – The Law of Attraction. In my humble opinion (and I’m sure I’m not alone) I firmly believe there really is no secret to The Secret!
People who felt bound by limitations had their eyes opened and immediately become aware of their own ability to manifest desires through their thoughts and intentions and how these thoughts resonate throughout the universe to return matching results. For example, if you are struggling financially and continually focus on how miserable you feel because of it, you will not improve your situation whatsoever; rather you will limit yourself and continue to remain in the same predicament. If on the other hand you set out with an intention to gain financial stability (just as an example), and set out to make changes with full expectations to improve, there is a greater probability you will succeed.
Though the Law of Attraction has always existed, the book and movie essentially reintroduced the concept of a new way of thinking and brought it into the spotlight, at a time I feel a huge percentage of the population were ready to embrace personal development and self growth and realized the power of positive thinking and the benefits of putting it into practice. Alternatively, if The Secret was received by closed minds and perceived negatively, it certainly would not have had the effect that it has.

The basic premise of the book is really to confirm the fact that we all have the ability to shape our own destiny based on our approach and attitude.
While there are some people who view this principle as mere quackery and ‘new age’ those who have embraced it wholeheartedly, have found hope in a time of need, and have gone on to experience incredible life changes. As for my opinion, I firmly believe it has had a positive effect and opened the doors to many new opportunities for millions of people in both their personal and professional lives.
I hate to brand this way of thinking as “new age”, instead I choose to look at The Secret as an empowering tool to demonstrate how developing a positive mindset can be achieve by anybody and a happier life can be enjoyed by those who chooses to put the lessons into practice.
If you haven’t taken the time to examine the Secret, I would suggest you grab a copy of the book or DVD and accept the free advice with an open mind. I’m sure you will find that there is enough information to give you some excellent insights as to how to implement the Law of attraction into your daily life to attract more of what you want as opposed to what you don’t want.
With that said, there is much to learn about the other complimenting universal laws and how they work together, and how if used with the right intention can introduce you to a healthier new way of thinking and a more fulfilling way of life. As for the Secret, it will definitely open your eyes to the future possibilities and help you realize you are indeed the master of your own destiny.

After reading the book or watching the movie you will realize how a few simple, intentional changes, based on a common sense strategy can only improve your well being, happiness and success. I believe however that we will attract people who are able to teach us the skills we need to achieve what we want by applying the principles of the law of attraction. I think when people are struggling or suffering, anything that shows hope or a promise for the future appears as a fresh start. HI Lisa, you are 100% right, and infact my discussion regarding the Law of Attraction does not stop here.

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