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As an adult, the elephant needs only to be restrained by a small chain that could be easily broken by the very strong elephant. Have you limited yourself in other ways, because your habitual thinking has imprisoned you in a cell with a window that only allows you to gaze upon a more desirable world?
When an elephant is a baby, a strong chain is applied to one leg to keep it within a certain range. Do you believe that you must remain stuck in a confining, unsatisfying job merely because you have roped yourself into believing that you can’t get promoted?
If so, do you really want to be confined to this very limited space, or do you want to advance to that which you desire?

She has been fooled into thinking that she is limited to this small area and does not attempt to push beyond it.
Like the elephant, we are fooled into thinking that we are restricted to a certain lifestyle, because we have become accustomed to it. By recognizing that you are the one who accepted the restraints and you are the one who must remove them. After many attempts, the baby elephant finally realizes that she will not be able to break the chain and so does not continue to pull at it. Have you restricted yourself because you believe that as you get older, your body doesn’t work as well as it used to?

Then ask yourself how your life would change if you broke through the resistance and moved on to a different way of being or living.

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