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Haha oh man this thing is SO COOL okay get this: This little fucker lives in fresh water (and can survive in lightly chlorinated pools) and, if given the opportunity will swim right on up through your nose.
Truthfully, a headline-grabber depends on a lot of other factors: time of day, competing topics, and the mood of a nation.
It was there, amid the anarchy, that Alex Thomas fell to the ground and was too frightened to move. Photographer Richard Lam preserved that moment in the most iconic image from the riots, one that became an instant sensation around the world and was recently named Esquire magazine's photo of the year. It was a singular, beautiful moment -- which is something Jones has had to explain to the couple's fans since they became the Kissing Couple of the Vancouver Riot. They had hired a manager to handle press requests and explore opportunities to profit from the kiss.
Thomas, who graduated with a degree in environmental engineering from the University of Guelph in Ontario, is doing water management work for Yarra Valley Water. While his standup comedy career is dormant at the moment, he shares some thoughts and images on his Facebook page, where he jokingly refers to himself as the Riot Romeo. Jones, who said he and Thomas don't have wedding plans yet, hopes their moment from the riot is a lasting one. A two-word tribute to a 16-year-old athlete in the small western Michigan town of Fennville. His story of triumph turned tragedy didn't end on March 3, when an exuberant home crowd turned silent as he was carted from the court.
Wes's life and sudden death prompted his family and loved ones to start the Wes Leonard Heart Team, a foundation committed to placing an automated electronic defibrillator (AED) in every public and private school in Michigan.
According to an ABC report, dilated cardiomyopathy -- an inherited condition for 30 percent of those afflicted -- has been seen in only 2.3 percent of athlete deaths. So far, the foundation has raised money through donations, T-shirt sales, and fundraisers to give 13 schools AED devices, which they say should be on hand in case other young athletes collapse from heart-related issues.
On December 7, Fennville High School began its season with a special pregame tribute to Wes Leonard. Wes Leonard is scheduled to be inducted into the Fennville High School Hall of Fame in February.
Terrified, the two rowed back to shore right away, but not before Pickles took a photo of the slippery creature with his camera phone.
The smoking gun against this claim was the discovery by a family walking by the lake of cut tires that could’ve been used to fake the grainy photos about a month after the sighting. That is not to say there is not very good evidence that unexplained sea creatures exist in Loch Ness and other lakes around the world, Coleman says. Bad fashion and bad TV pilots: Is that any way to treat our favorite Amazon warrior princess, who turns 70 this month? Wonder Woman fans revolted in March when they caught a glimpse of the newly designed costume for the updated TV series.
While Wonder Woman waits for her call from Hollywood, DC has given her a makeover in the series "The New 52." In it, the butt-kicking brunette gets a edgier, harder look. Writers have also upped Wonder Woman's street cred by changing her origins; she is now said to be a daughter of Zeus.
The year started with a bit of bathroom humor when, in the wee hours of a Minnesota morning, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson needed to, well, wee. And just as he couldn't make it to the end zone 12 hours earlier, in a loss to the Detroit Lions, Peterson apparently couldn't rush the last few blocks to his house on January 3 without risking an excretory emergency.
Nevertheless, letting a patron into the Eden Prairie, Minnesota, restaurant at that hour violated company rules, and Langeslay, a seven-year employee, was fired a few days later. Griswold and her team turned the story around in five hours, talking to Langeslay and capturing her message to Peterson.
Almost a year later, Langeslay confirmed that she is still an assistant manager with McDonald's. A few weeks after the incident, he excitedly tweeted, "So I made my first trip to McDonald! Live shots are supposed to be routine for broadcast journalists, especially for those who have won Emmy awards and have years of experience. Instead of giving viewers a recap of the night's award winners, when the broadcast was tossed to her, Branson spoke slurred and incomprehensible gibberish for 10 seconds before producers cut away.
About 30% of women suffer from migraine headaches, and of those, up to 20% suffer migraine auras before a full-blown migraine, explained Dr.
And, for that reason, as scary and as embarrassing as it may have been for Branson to suffer on live TV, it was a positive thing for others who endure migraines.
After the on-air incident, Branson was inundated with greeting cards, letters, and phone calls from people around the world who not only wanted to offer their support but also to say thanks for talking about migraines and making the issue public. She signed on with the National Headache Foundation, becoming the face of the organization's "More than just a headache" campaign, which began in June and is intended to educate people on the personal and societal costs of migraines.
Just the words "deadly brain-eating amoeba" can create enough panic to cause a national stir.
The organism, which causes brain infection, is especially deadly: Of 122 documented cases since 1962, only one person has survived. According to Yoder, the Kansas death, coupled with a death in Minnesota the previous year, has officials eyeing how the organism survives in colder areas. Prevention is tricky, Yoder says -- we can't simply shut down all summertime swimming in ponds and lakes. He suggests that people swimming in freshwater areas during the summer should consider not putting their heads underwater and should wear nose plugs. A family featured in the tear-jerking ABC series "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" became the focus of national attention in May during an Oregon court case that questioned the family's need for intensive medical care.
Because of that court case, it became natural to wonder whether the show itself -- and the many sponsors that helped finance the new home -- had been duped by parents who were overaggressive in the diagnosis of their children's illness.
Chuck and Terri Cerda appeared on the show in a March 2009 episode with their young daughters Molly and Maggie, who the Cerdas said suffered from a rare immunodeficiency disease. As in some other documented "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" cases, the new home proved to be a financial burden -- increased tax payments and utility bills are often cited -- so the Cerdas sold the home and moved to Oregon.
But according to a May 2010 story in the Oregonian, doctors  there questioned Terri Cerda's belief that her daughters had any chronic health problems when tests and examinations indicated otherwise.

The judge in the case called Terri Cerda's actions "obsessive and unjustifiable" but said Chuck Cerda was a capable parent.
Shortly after the trial, Terri Cerda and the daughters moved back to Nevada, according to the Oregonian. A woman attempting a secret marriage had her plans altered in an earth-shaking manner, and a photographer was there to capture the moment.
The "earthquake bride," Valerie Shevchenko, and her husband, Dmitriy Grif, 19, have been adjusting to married life since the 5.8 tremor that had hit the east coast in August. The focus on that photo escalated when reporters discovered the two planned to get married on the sly.
Shortly after the story broke and broadcast across the Internet, Grif's parents indeed discovered the marriage. The two say they are still very much in love and still celebrate their first few months of marriage, now that things have quieted down. A private investigator tracks down a homeless man and tells him a long-lost relative has left him a small fortune.
Details quickly emerged: Melitzer was the only survivor of a car crash that killed his wife and two other people in 1990. Melitzer bounced around the Salt Lake area for years, often staying in shelters and occasionally doing odd jobs. The private investigator told Melitzer that his brother, Morris Melitzer of Schenectady, New York, had died in 2010. Of course, it takes more than a shrimp cocktail to help someone adjust to such a dramatic life development.
Several of his friends in Utah said they haven't been in touch with him since news of the inheritance broke. Jason Florez, leader of the homeless ministry at the Mountain View Christian Assembly of God in Sandy, hasn't seen Melitzer since a meeting with him and Lundberg, the private investigator.
If Melitzer's story has you daydreaming about receiving such a windfall, you should double-check that family members have your current phone number.
Fuerst, a partner with Schenectady law firm Higgins, Roberts, Beyerl & Coan, stresses the importance of having an up-to-date will or will substitute, a power of attorney, and a health care proxy.
And if you're considering leaving all or part of your estate to someone whose mental or physical health makes him or her subject to predators or unable to manage an inheritance, consider setting up a trust. Once there it will rot your olfactory bulb and climb the free-hanging nerve endings right on up into your brain.
Then a story, often with a compelling image, will suddenly attract thousands, if not millions, of eyeballs and just as quickly disappear.
Lovers under fire, instant millionaires, sudden departures -- their stories go on well after the cameras shift their focus to another subject and readers compulsively click on yet another overnight success or triumph over tragedy. Romance amidst the riots: This was a year of protests, from revolutions in the Middle East and fiery turbulence in London to milder outbursts against Netflix price increases or the Hershey warehouse's student working conditions. Premature death of a high-school athlete:  Premature death is a tragedy that can touch anyone. Giant creatures from the deep: No matter how modern our technology gets, age-old sea monsters seem to get better at evading it. Super-heroine makeovers: "Wonder Woman" may be pop culture's most enduring female comic heroine, but she can't get a break in Hollywood. Fast food, NFL, and the call of nature: In the "Mad Libs" world of storytelling, it's hard to resist one that combines McDonald's, a Minnesota Vikings running back, and an urgent need to use the facilities. Death in the water: Most medical-horror movies, even those inspired by real life, are based on rare circumstances.
Reality run-around: National Guard helicopters chasing a balloon, posers crashing a state dinner -- people pull a lot of stunts to get on a reality show. Street millionaire: The Cinderella story traces its origins way back, perhaps all the way back to 9th century China, which shows how the rags-to-riches storyline cuts across time and culture.
The riots that followed Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final turned parts of the British Columbia city into chaotic scenes of looting, arson, violence, and clashes with overwhelmed police. Scott Jones, her Australian-born boyfriend of six months, comforted her with a kiss as riot police marched around them.
Today, Scott Jones and Alex Thomas are random citizens again, albeit ones with an extraordinary tale. Wes Leonard hit a game-winning shot in overtime to end a perfect season -- only to collapse moments later on the basketball court and die from sudden cardiac arrest due to dilated cardiomyopathy, or an enlarged heart. The hope is the devices could save the lives of those who collapse with heart failure and get them to a medical facility. The Heart Team also raises awareness of the importance of AEDs and even cardiology screening in schools, to identify heart disease and to prevent future tragedies. Fennville coach Ryan Klingler gave a brief, emotional tribute: "We carry on with Wes in our hearts," he said, holding back tears.
But his legacy is apparent not just in the record books of Fennville sports, but also in other schools. Tom Pickles and Sarah Harrington told The Telegraph they saw an “enormous snake” the size of three cars speed past them on a kayaking outing at Lake Windermere. There have been seven other sightings in this lake of an apparition known as the "Bownessie" in the past five years.
The red-starred tiara and flashy bodice were accounted for, but the superhero was now touting blue spandex leggings with blue boots to match. 8 in December 1941, and she remains the third most famous name in the DC Comics collection. Maybe the sharp, new update will be just what it takes for Wonder Woman to finally lasso a movie deal.
Though he didn't respond to Langeslay's online plea, Peterson was quick with a two-part tweet on the news of her reinstatement.
But a shot outside the Grammy Awards on February 13 was anything but routine for CBS Los Angeles correspondent Serene Branson. The episode was replayed millions of times across the Internet, leaving viewers wondering if she had suffered a stroke or a seizure on the air.
Still, health officials know that 2011's death toll of four attributed to the Naegleria fowleri is not uncommon.

According to the CDC, the amoeba is commonly found in warm freshwater areas such as lakes and ponds but can also be found in rivers and hot springs. He was infected after using a neti pot and officials found the amoeba in his home's water system.
Yoder also clarifies that people should be aware of the danger when swimming, in the same way we might caution against risks such as drowning or thunderstorms.
The disease was pretty serious stuff, and it was clearly a factor in the show's decision to build them a beautiful new home in Las Vegas.
In January 2010, a pediatrician reported the Cerdas to state child-welfare authorities, and in February, the state took temporary custody of the two girls, said the Oregonian report.
The family's lawyer in the Oregon court case no longer represents the Cerdas and declined comment for this story. The couple first caught the public's eye when 18-year-old Shevchenko was photographed running in her wedding dress, carrying a cell phone and bouquet. Having everything out in the open may actually help the couple gain parental approval in the long run, and the couple accepted that the news couldn't stay hidden forever. Before the accident, "he had an apartment, and he had a wife and a life," his friend Karol Behling told the Deseret News.
Morris, a veteran and a longtime General Electric employee, left Max an estate estimated to be worth $100,000. Lundberg took him out for dinner," as his cousin Richard Goldfarb told the Daily Mail, he was "in shock" after receiving the news. While media outlets seized on the story's Cinderella angle, some bloggers pointed out that the mental and emotional issues that landed Melitzer on the streets wouldn't be fixed by receiving a check. After taking a Greyhound bus from Salt Lake City to Albany (arriving nine hours late thanks to mechanical issues), Melitzer told his cousin that two lawyers were "trying to scam him out of two-thirds of his money," the Daily reported. Lecia Beckstrom knew Melitzer from the time he spent at her family's business, Beckstrom Body Shop in Ogden, Utah.
In New York, where Morris Melitzer lived, an estate's administrator -- often a family member or a trusted friend -- is charged with locating heirs. Just make sure the trust is properly drafted and controlled by someone who would be prudent with the funds and sympathetic to the beneficiary's needs. Wes Leonard inspired his Michigan high-school basketball teammates, and it was his winning shot that had him hoisted high above the ground in victory. Or they play coy, either giving us just a blurry glimpse or pushing out logs, dead hedgehogs, or whatever else to fool us. She was destined for a TV reboot, but a costume malfunction -- in design -- outraged fans already perturbed that the 75-year-old Amazon (happy birthday) has never gotten her own big-screen debut. Emmy Award-winning correspondent Serene Branson kept as cool as possible, even when misshapen words left her mouth as she was live on the air. In a case of life imitating art, news reports about the very real deaths of four people from Naegleria fowleri, a freshwater amoeba that can fatally attack the brain, only added to the story's persistence.
A private investigator did an amazing job carrying out a dead man's wishes: He tracked down his brother Max Melitzer, homeless in the streets of Utah. We were going to holiday in California for three weeks and then leave for Australia," he said. Nor did it end a week later, when Fennville High School's playoffs run ended short of the state finals. Leonard had been sick with the flu a week earlier, and a cardiology expert said illnesses like that could inflame a susceptible heart.
The Heart Team efforts could prevent similar tragedies and give student athletes another shot in life. Prior to joining Yahoo!, Ron was a print journalist and an online editor for more than 15 years at publications including the Detroit Free Press, the Charlotte Observer, and Red Herring magazine.
The native of a mythical island of women with superhuman strength also enjoyed tremendous popularity in the '70s series starring Lynda Carter.
The symptoms of migraine auras -- blurred vision, nausea, temporary numbness, and slurred speech, as in Branson's case -- are often misdiagnosed as strokes and seizures, he said. She was dubbed the Runaway Bride, although she wasn't running away but searching for her groom. They are renting an apartment in New York City (where rent is high even in a recession), and they are admittedly "broke," with no plans for a honeymoon.
The Utah man was literally pushing a grocery cart filled with his possessions in June when private investigator David Lundberg found him in a Salt Lake City park. If an heir can't be found, his or her inheritance can be ordered held by the court or state controller. No couple symbolized that more than  Alex Thomas and Scott Jones, laying down in the streets of Vancouver amidst maddened hockey fans and riot police. In this case, two kayakers spied England's version of the Loch Ness Monster and got a (blurry) shot before they paddled out of there -- or did they? Assistant Tiffany Langeslay did, and briefly suffered the loss of her position because of it.
What looked like a frightening live recording of a stroke turned out to be a far more common condition. But even Cinderella ran into problems at the stroke of midnight, and Melitzer's fortunes may have encountered a snag.
Coleman has been studying creatures elusive to science, a discipline known as cryptozoology for 51 years. But while two of her Justice League counterparts, Superman and Batman, have had their own film adaptations, Wonder Woman is still waiting for her big-screen break.
After Peterson explained his situation and another McDonald's worker identified him, Langeslay let the star inside to do his business.
Furthermore, if there is no will and and the deceased has no close relatives, the state becomes the heir. He went on a two-week expedition in search of the Loch Ness monster in 1999, studied numerous sightings, and wrote books on the topic.

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