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Laura Chervenak has been with ExploreLearning since 2010 as the VP of Professional Development.
In the last two EL newsletters, we presented ideas for how to plan Whole Group Instruction. With the Mineral Identification Gizmo, students are engaged in learning as they test various mineral properties and analyze data using a key. Reflex usage continues to grow, and we have now passed the 3.5 billion mark in number of math facts answered! We love hearing from teachers about how they have successfully implemented Reflex in their classrooms. If you want to comment on any of the information in this newsletter, be sociable and post your insights on the Facebook pages for Gizmos and Reflex.
And as always, if you have a question or comment about Gizmos or Reflex, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team using the support form for either Gizmos or Reflex.
She has taught high school science, and is the founder and former director of GOAL Digital Academy.

The teacher models best practice by asking students to verbalize their thinking, justify answers, and explain their thought processes to other students in the class. Phillips, one of the more challenging science concepts for students to understand is periodic trends.
These types of questioning techniques lead to a deeper understanding of the science content and practices. She has been with the district for eight years and held several roles including science department chair, instructional coach, and middle school science teacher.
It all started with an ExploreLearning professional development workshop she attended years ago. For more information on Texas publisher material adoptions visit the Texas Education Agency. During whole class instruction, she asks students to come to the interactive whiteboard to manipulate the Gizmo, while other students assist in providing responses. After hearing what Mario had to say about the program, she decided to start using Gizmos in her classroom right away.

She explains, a€?Watching Mario model the sample lessons, I just knew that I could have done the same.a€? About two years later, she was recognized for being one of the top Gizmo users in the district! She explains, a€?I use Gizmos to differentiate instruction by having the students interact with different activities within the Student Exploration sheets based on their levels or needs.
Sometimes I use the exploration as enrichment or remediation for the students that need it.a€? At the end of the lessons, Ms. Phillips uses the built-in assessment to gauge student understanding and participation in the activities.

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