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I always have way too much stuff to spread out on tables in the garage (especially since I usually host a multi-family sale and everyone drops their things off at my house!), so most of the actual organizing of things on tables is left until the day of the sale. Group like things together.  As you store your stuff for your sale, try to keep things like housewares, home decor, seasonal decorations, toys, books, etc. On the day of the sale, take your boxes and bins that have the contents grouped into categories (i.e. It’s crazy how changing the location or setup of something causes it to sell immediately.  I am constantly changing placement of things during the sale and I know it works!
The next day, we stacked our homeschool books in boxes next to our regular book boxes.  It was much more effective!
One of the best things to do when having a multi-family yard sale is to put your initials on the price stickers. I picked up a muffin tin from the dollar store for $.50 and cut two sections off.  I folded over the sharp edges and viola!
Make sure you remove large amounts of cash every once in a while and only keep a minimum in your cash box – just in case!

Schedule a thrift store pick up a few hours after the end of your sale.  That way you won’t be tempted to take anything back into your house!
I hope these tips will be helpful to you when you have your next yard sale!  What are your favorite tips for having a successful yard sale?  I would love to hear them! Our family does an annual sale, and we don’t use the grocery store plastic bags any more,but we do save those fancy shopping bags we get throughout the year to use at our sales. I had a yard sale once where a lady returned with an item (a toy doll) hours later requesting a refund. I’ve organized at least one garage sale a year (and several, large-scale, multi-seller and charity garage sales) for the last 5 years. I have found that people look at the clothes more and they sell for a higher price if they are ironed. The only thing I would disagree with is if it’s not worth more than 25 cents, just let it be free.
It may be a hassle, but there is NOTHING that makes me happier when going to a garage sale than to get something for less than a quarter.

Let’s face it, four 25-cent items add up to a dollar quickly, especially when you are buying small items like baby clothing and tools.
I hate going to sales where things are still in boxes, I refuse to dig through boxes of clothing.
There are lots of baby items (washcloths, onsies, socks, hairbands, etc.) that would sell quicker and in bulk for less than 25 cents.
Somethings I understand could be free, but 5 cents is 5 cents, even if you think the item is worthless.

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