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Jane Elizabeth Hart’s second book is a simple question and answer format, and contains profound information on the subject of meditation and how it affects your soul growth and spiritual awareness. Jane Hart takes you on a journey through the Seven Steps, her system for dealing with life changes. By David HamiltonWe all want to find true success in life, which generally means to both have success in our careers and finances, as well as being happy and content with our lives in lifestyle, relationships and health. Many who get a lot of material success often finds their lives to be empty at the end of the day, and struggle with happiness.
People that seek only inner fulfillment might get spiritual success, but often are struggling financially.
For the purpose of this article, I’m going to assume that you already have some goals in mind, and hopefully specific goals. By focusing on living from your values (aka what matters to you) it makes it far easier to enjoy whatever you are doing AND move towards your goals for success.
Yes, goals are important for achievement, but we cannot live from goals, as they come and go quickly with achievement. Here are some common values of successful people that allow both achievement and contentment.
Flexibility – the ability to roll with whatever comes your way, especially when challenges arise.

Assertiveness – knowing how to ask for what you want confidently, but not aggressively.
Ambition – desire and drive to achieve and move things forward, with a sense of hope.
Then pick your top 4 values you’d like to work on for the month and write them on a small piece of paper you can keep in your wallet or purse. Take a look at them from time to time and check in to see how you’re doing, in living in alignment with your values.
This goes hand in hand with the value of collaboration above, but a strong focus on relationships and serving others is required.
It’s very important to have specific and measurable goals when going for success in life. The best goals are SMART Goals which are specific, measurable, accountable, realistic and time-oriented.
The first example is one of a smaller action oriented goals and the second is a bigger goal related to a bigger project. Either way, getting as specific as possible and using both big and small goal scales helps to get the eagle eye view as well as break down the smaller steps.
Last and certainly not least, action must be taken to get to your goals and achieve success in life.

Taking action every day that is based on your values makes action much easier to take, then just to target your goal alone. This CD explores the depth and necessity of each of the seven steps as we move through life's transformations. It also takes the focus off of you, which helps alleviate any fear that might be showing up, especially in achieving big goals or meeting deadlines. Wishes are fine to have and necessary for motivation towards goals, but they aren’t goals themselves.
This is a flexible and adaptable process, whether it relates to a friend, family member, business colleague, or even an aspect of you. The relationship can be undergoing any sort of transition, be it by death, disagreement or geographic distance. This formula has stood the test of time and is useful in dealing with any challenge or change in life.

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