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On the path to becoming successful, you can end up chasing the wrong goals for the wrong reasons. Often goals are associated with making money or achieving a high level of status.
When you see someone who is wildly successful, you look at their success in terms of the rewards it’s granted them. Sure, there are some people whose primary aim is to make money and nothing more like Wall Street executives, but those types of people can actually end up being more miserable than us all. Today I’m going to share some clear cut signs of success that have nothing to do with money or fame. A life well lived has many moments in a state of flow, otherwise described as being in the zone. We all deserve to be fully present, and to live in a way that’s satisfying more often than not. Here is the special breed of super successful people that overcame their "high-school dropout" status and turned the world on its head.
Vom Dressman zum Besitzer einer Afro-Kaffeehauskette: Grant Rushmere hat auf dem Absatz kehrt gemacht und ist seinen Neigungen gefolgt. Many people dislike him because he’s filthy rich, but do you think his primary aim in creating Microsoft was getting rich? Jobs became incredibly wealthy and famous from founding Apple, but his goal was never to become rich; it was to make world class products.

Success happens when you quit listening to the noise of the world and focus on what’s important to you. Money and status are great, but as I said before, they’re usually byproducts of working toward something with meaning and doing it well.
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But often their wealth and status came from working on something that meant a great deal to them.
Every person you encounter is the most important person in the world in their eyes; successful people know to treat them as such. No matter how bad you want success for yourself, you’ll never get it until you find a way to provide value to other people.
Every time someone leaves a kind comment or sends me a message thanking me for sharing with them, it gives me more motivation to keep creating. You’re successful if you trade comfort for excitement, a job with decent pay and benefits for a vocation, a monotonous existence for a life filled with rich experiences.
He said he’s run against Huntington junior Kyree Johnson enough times to know he was unbeatable, and he was, winning both the state and federation titles. Your mission is to find work that allows you to experience that feeling as much as possible.

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When they see that the system is broken, they look for ways to change it and find like-minded people to help them.
There’s some serious athletes out there, with Division I football players and some serious track guys competing. He’s been to three different state championships, having been a two-time All-State long jumper and a silver medalist in the 300-meter dash in winter track. She reached 5 feet 2 inches, four inches lower than her personal best, but it was good enough for sixth among Division I public school jumpers.
Westhampton Beach head coach John Broich said Kelly is the most decorated female track athlete in Westhampton Beach history, having medaled in four different state competitions. She finished second out of the four freshman that were in the event, which was dominated by upperclassmen.

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