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So I got into blogging, social, podcasting and video and things started to take off … then I moved into writing fiction and the education began all over again. Cover design might sound like a publishing exercise, but your book cover is also critical for marketing.
Non-fiction book covers have a trend for large words, focusing on the obvious benefit for the customer. As well as the book cover design, you need a compelling sales description, targeted categories, well-researched keywords, good reviews and appropriate pricing.
The best way to send your book to the top of the sales charts is to email your own list of fans.
For non-fiction authors and online businesses, you can grow your list on your own website by offering something for free and attracting attention and traffic with content marketing. There are two types of reviews, both of which can be effective for fiction book marketing in particular. There are people who say social media and ‘platform’ are a waste of time when it comes to selling fiction.
For example, connections made through Twitter and my blog have led to Pentecost being included in an Amazon Daily Deal, commissioned short stories by Kobo for Dan Brown’s launch of Inferno, international speaking opportunities, an introduction to my New York agent, a joint venture to exploit my German language rights, my audiobook deal and much more. So all the platform tactics are still useful, but the focus should be more on longer term branding, connections and ways to reach readers in a genre by working with other similar authors, rather than immediate, direct sales. And giving away Audiobook is nice idea, always new short-stories could be a used but audiobook might be even better option. Another option could be, maybe, a free book given away in a serialized manner, weekly chapters sent to readers for example. In the context of building your list, what TYPE of freebies would be most suitable for attracting fans of the type an author would want?
Hi Venkatesh, I have a short story ebook and in audio format as well for my list subscribers, so it is directly related to my fiction. Thanks for the response, from which I gather that it would not be possible to have sign up in the back of print books. Are you investing time and money into buying and reading books written by women like Ginie Polo Sayles and Lisa Johnson that tell you how to marry millionaires? Tip of the DaySome outdoor tanning tips to keep in mind are again to maintain a healthy level of moderation. Looking for some good books to add to your summer reading list beyond romance beach novels? Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. I was so excited, sure that they would change people’s lives, bring me a great income and a new career. Through experience, I’ve found that marketing fiction is a different beast to marketing non-fiction.
If you manage to get millions of eyeballs onto your book sales page and your cover is terrible, nobody will sample, let alone buy. But fiction book covers need to resonate with your target market, echoing the genre of the book and giving a taste for the story.

So don’t use a painting that you or your child have done, or try to design a cover yourself. Basically, the book sales sites will always be able to sell more books than you can so you want to make sure you optimize your book page. You can grow this specific list for your fiction by including a link at the end of your books.
These sites and services will change over time, so always assess the evidence for anything you decide to participate in. These feed into the algorithms that determine how your book fares on the various lists and also have an impact on visibility. These can help generate word of mouth sales by bringing your book to the notice of avid readers in a genre. I agree that it is less effective for direct sales than for non-fiction BUT I still think it is essential for longer term marketing. Even this guest post is a result of Joel and I meeting online years ago and mutually supporting each other over time. Fiction readers are often voracious, finishing a favorite author’s latest book in just a few hours. More digital shelf space means more visibility, and often the best way to sell more books is to launch a new one that can bring more readers to your backlist. There’s a lot more covered in How to Market a Book but these are some fundamentals that will get you started.
You can buy the book on Amazon, and if you want more marketing information every month, you’ll want to find out about the Premium audio course. It would keep the author constantly on the reader’s mind thus increasing the familiarity and brand name.
Others in the same field are colleagues and, since we have the same general aims when it comes to helping authors publish and promote their books more effectively, it makes good sense to cooperate. There is very little antagonism amongst our peers which I love – it’s very supportive and sharing! How about investing that time and money into books that provide ideas and inspiration for going out and making those millions you want on your own? Why not read a few business books that will not only help your career but could inspire your life. Black women seek information on a wide variety of topics including African-American hair care, health issues, relationship advice and career trends - and MadameNoire provides all of that. Today she’s going to show us how fiction authors can use some of the tools of book marketing. The “platform” is still important, but in a different way and other things make more of a difference to direct sales. If you pitch a book blogger, a journalist or a physical bookstore owner, one glance at the book cover will determine their interest.
Notice what is similar about the bestselling books and take screen-prints to share with your designer. But fiction readers mainly find books on the actual book sales sites, like Amazon, Kobo, iBookstore, etc., so your main method of capture is at the end of your book. But if you have good reviews and a great cover, plus you can drop your price for a sale, this type of promotion can work well for a short-term sales spike.

Because many of the bloggers read each other’s sites, you can also end up featuring on a number of blogs.
I’ve been blogging, podcasting and social networking for nearly 5 years now and it is the people I have met along the way, the personal connections I have made that have led to the most amazing opportunities. We can never satisfy a reader’s appetite for books alone, so it’s a great idea to work with other authors in the same genre to promote books that those readers will like. Of course, this takes time, so many authors are also playing with novellas and short story collections to entice readers with great content that doesn’t take so long to write and produce. The more people hear about you and your work, the more they will look for you and your work. After all, a book with a business theme isn’t just about charts and graphs, but also interesting fact and anecdotes about how business happens.
If you find this article helpful, head over to Amazon and grab a copy of her book, which will repay you many times over for its $4.99 price. So this is a non-negotiable upfront task, along with professional editing to ensure you have a quality product. You can see covers by the best designers and they will generally do print cover design as well. If you’re unsure about your genre, pick 3-5 books or authors that your book is like and see where they are categorized.
There has been a rise in multi-author blogs for fiction, multi-book box-sets of ebooks in the Kindle store and promotion of each other on social media.
If you have work of different lengths, you can also play with pricing models and promotional sales, which is difficult to do with one book. We’re lucky to have a community worldwide now, so just start connecting, sharing, being generous and friendly and you will start to grow that network yourself. In learning the ropes, I’ve discovered some valuable strategies and author services and plenty that are not so great. Perceiving your peers as competitors puts you into an adversarial relationship that has far fewer opportunities for growth, cross-fertilization of ideas, and cooperative marketing.
This one tip will also carry into much of your other marketing, so it is critical to the process. But you should also be including a notice at the back of your book, thanking people for reading and asking nicely for a review.
Pitching book bloggers takes time because you have to focus on researching the ones that will like your kind of book. Your book is never totally unique, nor do you want it to be, because you want to find an existing readership and tap into that.
I’m also producing Killer Thriller TV, interviewing top thriller authors which promotes them as well as my own fiction brand.

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