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Miva believes that all online businesses should have access to a scalable ecommerce platform that can meet their unique business requirements. The most pervasive way to create personal wealth is by owning equity in a successful company. Income statements don’t do much to attract or impress the type of people you really want to attract into your business. I would sign up ten times over with someone who looked me in the eyes, explained what it was going to take, both the good and the bad, and committed to work beside me. The reality of finding those few people really means sorting through hundreds and thousands in most cases. For me, the big money, free time of MLM is appealing enough that I am willing to sort through those numbers. My current reading is The Next Millionaires by Paul Zane Pilzer.  Do you ever find yourself asking how can I make my business thrive in an economy that seems to have so many problems? The economic opportunity is huge right now.  When you find yourself saying this won’t work because, take a look at the side of the story. What are your strategies and actions for filling up your glass and enjoying making your dreams come true?
For the next 30 days, write down one idea, or action step that you will take that, if repeated consistently, will move you right up that mountain.
Let go of any expectations for the outcome, except that you will feel fantastic for the simple act of doing it.
Living your life to make it the best you can through constant and never ending improvement takes consistent action and focus as Tony Robbins and Jeff Olson suggest.   To achieve this, I believe one has to Be Resourceful.

I have developed 4 steps that will help you to Be Resourceful, to make change, to improve where you need to improve and to take consistent action. Be conscious and aware if you have any beliefs that are pulling you down and away from a successful solution.
I was working with a sales rep in a company who had a very large goal that was a must to achieve.
Dig into your own personal resources and strength to make your vision a reality.  Look inside to see what makes you strong, focused and prepared to achieve all that you want. Be open to possible solutions that you would not have considered or possibly previously thought of.  We hear stories all the time of a Network Marketer who came up with a new idea, tried it and succeeded. Miva offers PCI compliant ecommerce, hosting, and custom website design and development solutions. Significant wealth created as the business succeeds or when it's sold is the primary driver of individual fortunes. He regularly consults to the rich and Super-Rich concerning the mindset and behaviors that translate into extreme personal wealth creation.
Give me credit for being able to figure out a viable opportunity without the flash and hype. And if that wasn’t enough, there is Skype which allows us to have conversations with people around the world for a fraction of the price it once was. Another Network Marketing glass half full is that you can get another job and join a Network Marketing company on the side with a very low investment.   The economic risk is determined by you not putting your focus on your new commitment.
Over time, you will identify the ones that best fit you, and you might find some surprises along the way.

It is in the moments that you feel “this or that won’t work” or “I can’t do this and that being resourceful will help you step up to achieving whatever it is you are about to face as a challenge.  In Network Marketing you have days that flow and days that don’t.
It was important to him, again because it was attached to winning an all expense vacation to a foreign country he had wanted to visit for a very long time. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the business you choose to put your time and energy into is something that you truly believe in. The needs of the business owners as well as the needs of the business make them exceptionally good clients for a diverse group of professionals from financial advisors to accountants and from attorneys to life insurance producers. These forums are often filled with Pitches and income claims by members, desperately seeking success in the wrong way.
Yes, you can connect in so many ways with people who have a similar interest to you, who have been downsized, pink slipped or just burnt out from the rat race. There is an inherent desire and fire within successful people to succeed and constantly work to achieve their goals. These people, all over the world, have a dream to have success on their own, and  from  their own new home based business.

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