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Pharmacist-in-training Pia departs from her home town, determined to cure a disease striking the nearby town of Port Fina. Upon arrival, she can't help but notice a giant landmass floating in the sky above the town: the Faraway Continent. To her surprise, the townspeople think little of the continent, though many rumors exist about what might be there. Between story scenes, you fight through both randomized and predetermined dungeons using a variety of weapons and magic.
You can also gather and create many items via alchemy, improving your skills to get better items for yourself, or to sell at your own shop.
However, a second (of theoretically comparable length) is still in the works, and does promise a true conclusion to the story. Two pictures (one in a Chapter 6 mission, one in Chapter 8) with partially-nude (but covered) characters. Missions appear once you reach a designated chapter and have cleared any prerequisite missions. Missions are listed in the walkthrough based on the former - so the earliest point they'll appear, basically. Success of alchemy is decided by generating a random number from 0 to 99.9, adding the success rate, and deciding it to be a success if it's over 100.
The random seed is remembered in the save file, meaning you always get the same result if you reload.
However, you can still easily change the seed until it's favorable by alchemizing other things (regardless of success or failure), or doing anything else that calls for random numbers (like entering a randomized dungeon). The formula for shop EXP is more complicated, but it's a relationship involving the rarity cubed and the "demand" (an unchanging value specified for each item). There are many factors considered for how customers behave - customer preferences, regional demand for each item, a random "item of the day," bonuses if your selection meets specific requirements - but honestly, it's difficult to take advantage of any of that stuff.
Use this if you want to search for a source of items and see what items you can get from that source.
Note that these dumps may have some weird things in them, like supposedly-obtainable recipes for items which have no recipes or that you start the game with.
On your second visit to Central Plaza, you'll talk with some NPCs about the Faraway Continent.
18 hours after first opening the shop (as long as you've seen certain side-scenes), there'll be a scene at the shop. After bumping into Karlo and making a Refresherb, return to the Town Entrance for a conversation with Marinet.
Upon returning to Pia's room after the first visit to the bar, Marinet will instate the Mission Board. The first two items can be bought from the general store, but Sweet Extract must be made via recipe. The recipe is sold at the library, and you can use 2 Pipo Berries or 1 Overripe Fruit; both are obtainable in Belk Plains.
Go to Ellevark's House, and after getting a brief lesson, ask him to help look for Marinet. In the looping crossroads area, keep walking until there's a scene, then follow Marinet on the way back. Karlo will be back in the Port Fina bar at night, giving a report on his visit to Finstaria if you go talk to him.
Right at the start of the chapter, you can ask Karlo about Marinet's whereabouts (after the above conversation). Claim Ticket A is in a chest that appears when you pull the lever up to the left from the start.
Claim Ticket B is in a chest that appears after pressing a switch toward the upper-left (go left before the area with the super-deadly trap). An explanation, followed by a battle where you just have to get hit until you reach 200 BP. Get 2,000 RIll and select the (R) mission to get your shop upgraded to have five slots for items. Go to Central Plaza and talk to the merchant in the bottom-left to get a map to the Forest of Death.
If you never returned to Port Fina in Chapter 2 (possible by getting to Level 7 in Chapter 1), Ellevark will tell Pia to go back there after arriving in Finstaria to trigger the "giant hole in my new house" scene. Simply go to the Alchemy menu and make 20 Training Potions from the 80 Training Berries, sleeping to recover MP when necessary. The Fluffy Brush is made via the Forge menu and requires a Fine Cedar Staff and 30 Rat Hairs.
You can buy or forge up to a Cedar Staff, then forge a Fine Cedar Staff by adding Coral from Port Coast. Rat Hair is dropped by Squeakarts (first appearing in Erance Mine, meaning you can't complete this until Chapter 4) and other mouse enemies.
Specifically, you can ask Fenny, Popull at the Sweets Shop, a lady in Central Plaza, or the poet at the harbor.
Once you've done the Dark Emperor Karnel mission, Pia is at least Level 14, and you've asked a few people about the rumor, you'll bump into someone in Central Plaza. They're completely blind to anything not in a direct line in front of them, but they can see about the length of the screen.

From the first area, head up to area two, then left to area three, then work your way around.
Eventually, you'll find a chest with your items, which allows you to simply fight the guards. Back in the second area, go up to the door you couldn't reach before due to the guard on watch next to it. Fenny sings in the bar at night, and when she does, there's a chest with the Fenny's Song music sheet.
If you ransack enough food (12 items) from the provisions storage in the barracks, Erena expresses her speechlessness. When you beat him, you earn the right to either use him as a party member or have him run the shop.
An explanation and a test to induce Balance Break - just keep attacking the Scarecrow as often as you can. There are several possible ways the 72-hour segment can play out, but they lead to the same thing. In truth, there are two goals going on: collecting MP for the pillar, and investigating the cause of the snowstorm. If time runs out, there's no gameplay penalty - you essentially skip to the last part to go to the Ice Altar. So you can either see all the scenes, or just focus on getting MP for the extra rewards at the end of the chapter. When 36 hours or less remain, the shaman's attendant will visit the shop with important information. The only "side events" for Chapter 5 are basically just all the ways to aid in mana collection. But even with them, it's still quite difficult to supply all the MP; 100% isn't expected of you at all.
Bringing a Steel Lump to Ellevark at the pillar will let him fix a mechanism to recover 20 MP every hour. There's a shiny thing in the general store (only after starting the countdown, alas) which takes 8 hours to get.
The most optimal use of items, however, is farming for 5 Power Crystones from Northyne marketplace stalls before starting.
This is basically the biggest MP advantage you can give yourself by far, though yeah, it's kind of lame. 40000 (Total) - 1400 (Auto-Recovery) - 15000 (Power Crystone x5) - 501 (Ellevark) = 23099 MP to go. If you start the sequence with maxed MP, you should be able to get at least 6 "rounds" of MP out of your party by sleeping 12 hours to recover. It may help to use "to tomorrow morning" instead whenever it's less than 12 hours (so 8 PM or later).
Lastly, the full list of items to exchange for MP, or at least ones that don't have the default value of 300. Claim Ticket A is in the middle of three chests to the left after the start, and gets you two Milky Bombs. You only get a reward from Karnel's (some special healing items), but they're entertaining. The different ways to fail are slipping on a banana peel, opening the chest, going the wrong way, or just running out of time without doing any of those. As Mimi in the castle, south of the path to the top is a storeroom with a guard trying to fend off rats.
A scene that officially adds Mimi to the party without a fight, since you essentially already fought her. After a heated discussion, it adds new Ally Orders for alchemy, forging, and harvesting materials. Use an ailment-inducing spell, then an attack spell of the opposing element - this will allow spells of that element to do "extra damage" to the scarecrow despite its perfect resistance. Your rewards are a Dragon Scale, a Dragon Claw, and recipes for Dragon Helm and Dragon Boots. You also get the Dragon's Step Map (for Finstaria Grasslands) to revisit the dungeon, though the boss is gone.
Another Side scenes Erena's Past and The First Beginning are available in the Past Archive. Talk to Erena in the Faraway Continent cabin at the start of the chapter (before going with Mimi) for a scene. With Marinet in the active party, you can go through that hole on Cleri Road in Northyne, which leads to the optional North Temple dungeon. If you heard Fenny's story in Chapter 6, you can talk to her in Chapter 7 or 8 about going to Erance Castle. If you don't pick "let's go in together," you'll miss out on a conversation and reward in Chapter 9. Must have completed Weapon Types & Features, Ten, Count 'Em, Ten Elements, and Combine to Power Up Equipment. As Ellevark says, the only place to get Spirit Grass (at least as of Chapter 7) is from Undines at the North Temple in Northyne (see Side Events). Southeast of Gran's house is Frixis and Fraxinus's house, though there's not much to do with them but have a few conversations.

Appears after clearing Training With Friends, Pesky Ailments: Advanced, and To A Special Dungeon!. Spoilers regarding the reward: You don't get it immediately, but Ellevark will give you his Eternity Staff near the end of Chapter 9.
Other places where you're rewarded 'free" Rainbow Fruits are the tree in Chapter 2, the 60%+ reward in Chapter 5, and the A Rank (but not S Rank) reward for the Chapter 8 stew. The best "endless" source for Rainbow Fruits is probably buying them from stalls in Erance.
Also, the dealer in the Thieves' Hideout will sometimes sell a Rainbow Fruit two-set for 20,000 Rill (or a Rainbow Potion two-set, incidentally - but for the mission, you have to make it yourself!).
Gold Ore can be mined from Cleri Road or Halfbeast Forest, or found in Erance Ruins, North Snowfield, or North Temple. It's a Saber and a Silver Lump; you can buy a Saber from Gyros, then get a Silver Lump by alchemizing some Silver Ore.
Frozenites are most easily found in the North Temple, but also appear in North Snowfield, Sacrificial Altar, and can be mined on Cleri Road. It's not necessary right away, but at least 48 hours after you visited Rune Hill, after beginning the search for the Port Fever Cure ingredients, you can go there again to rent the shop.
Get an Iris Herb from Lux Plains; it can randomly appear there, and is also a guaranteed chest after beating the boss. Once you have both ingredients, return to the bar and Karlo will be back, as long as it's been 24 hours since he left. If you sell Quality Flour x10 at the Port Fina shop, it'll become popular enough to get stocked in the general store, and you can get a Payday Peony as a reward from the old man. Since you still have access to Sun God's House, you can visit as of Chapter 2 and talk to everyone there. If you bring Crop Wheat to the barkeep in Port Fina, he'll ask you to make some new drinks.
Do so, then come back in three days, and he'll then ask you to bring him drinks from around the world. The first are drinks from Finstaria, whose recipes you can get from the merchant in the plaza: Lize Red Wine, Lize White Wine, and Lize Brandy.
Get a Megaton Hammer by buying the recipe from Port Fina's library and forging it up from a Middle Rod (which you can buy at Port Fina's weapons shop). Make a Wind Bell from Sylpheed Glass and Silver Lumps to add a shortcut to town at the Port Fina shop, so that it matches the other ones. At the sweets shop, after starting the wheat quest, Popull will ask for Quality Flour x10 to make EX sweets. After doing Finstaria's, you can get recipes for the Drinks of the World sidequest from the bar in Erance.
The polisher who you occasionally find in the Gem Mine gives you a random polished gem if you provide four Gem Ores. Note that none of this has any actual effect, other than slightly different scenes at the end where the soldier stops you.
Can be safely ignored, but it triggers once you walk a few steps into the side-room he's in. These dungeons aren't so much about combat as figuring out how to utilize the character's different skills - be sure to look at (and set) them all.
When you find a switch, prepare Spark Wave and cast it immediately after stepping on the switch to defeat the enemies that appear around you.
Proceed through the slimes with caution; you probably want to use Spark Wave, but watch your BP. Brilliant Corn can be bought from Finstaria's general store or found on the Outskirts Path. It's roughly 80% of the rarity cubed, with H equating to rarity 1, G to 2, F to 3, E to 4, D to 5, C to 6, B to 7, and A to 8. There are also two blue chests that contain them: one in Valgido's Domain, one near the end of Sage's Path.
You'd need either Better Netter Traps to use in Erance (which seem to be Part 2 only), access to a monster only in Part 2, or an unimplemented random-box item. Viewing it grants access to a laboratory behind a bookshelf in Ellevark's House, where there are some recipes and a magic chest (unopenable as of the current version). Most notably, at the top is a book that allows you to upgrade equipment by combining two of the same, and a warp circle that unlocks an extra island on the Distant Isles. You can try to avoid raising suspicion (see Side Events), but will get found out eventually. Give it to her and come back in 3 days, and she'll add them to the menu, as well as their recipes, and give you a free Tiramisu EX.
To destroy them as quickly as you can, use Venom Bottle to cause Venom, then Acid Cloud to lower their defense, then keep using normal attacks.

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