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These and many other success stories were not the result of great product or technological innovation, but an acute insight into what loads of customers wanted: A good enough product at a great or accessible price. One reason is the sheer size of the total market and its varied demographics, which makes it easier for eagle-eyed entrepreneurs to spot untenanted niches or even a motherlode of mass unmet demand.
Its competitors dispute this, but their silence on Micromax also suggests that they have begun taking this upstart seriously. It is one thing to pump up volumes based on smart pricing, and cheaper and commoditised components, quite another to become a real contender for the top slot based on service quality and innovative technology.
It is easy to find a customer, but tougher to keep her if you are not improving your game all the time. The customer is not a fixed target, but a moving one with constantly evolving tastes and rising sophistication.

Read Rohin Dharmakumar’s fascinating story on Micromax to find out how it is coping with this challenge. In a nation where the nexus between politics and business is only now beginning to be exposed, Jindal faces twice the risk, as he is both businessman and politician.
Prince Mathews Thomas takes a close look at how Jindal is going to let his two passions coexist without conflict.

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