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Nail It then Scale It does a great job synthesizing the current thinking around disruptive innovations and entrepreneurship and channeling it into an actionable set of frameworks and processes. That means inventory and I thought I heard Cuban say he will finance it as part of his skin the game. A year and half ago, they decided to approach a bank for an additional loan to expand the business. Kisstixx has chosen to protect their stuff using “trade secret” rather than “patent.” This means they have to be fast to dominate. Especially if they are the next “pet rock,” as Paul states, not having seen the deep bench of follow on Kisstixx products, then time is precious.

The startup book Nail It Then Scale It teaches entrepreneurs how to seek and receive quick and honest feedback as they begin their quest for knowledge and the needs of their market. Prior to the expansion Mukta was a BPL (below poverty line) card holder but now their income is enough to take them above the poverty line.
Friends and family will always tell you they love your idea but gather facts and data on your idea first to avoid relying only on beliefs and gut feelings. 30,000 from the group which has availed of this loan from Shalmala, and used the proceeds to build a proper shed and other infrastructure to scale up the business. Conduct rapid, inexpensive, simple experiments to test your ideas in the market, rather than building a full blown product that will get you in a lot of debt.

Nail It Then Scale it teaches you how to look for a shark bit size pain, and then guides you through the process of taking  your idea to market.

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