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EARNINGS DISCLAIMEREvery effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential.
Have you wondered why some of your franchisees succeed from the “get-go” while others flounder and others even fail? When faced with struggling, unhappy, or failing franchisees most franchisors resort to playing the blame game. If assuming fault is your pawn of choice, you most likely choose it with a sense of defeat, shame, failure, or guilt. On the other hand, if pointing the finger somewhere else is your preferred game piece, you will blame your franchisees with frustration or anger. In the last 15 years, coaching and mentoring methodologies have seeped into the support systems of many successful franchise companies, giving franchisors new ways of guiding franchisees towards higher performance levels. These newer approaches take into consideration some of the important inner aspects of franchise success. Too many franchisors are still focused only on the outer factors of franchise success without linking them to the inner workings of the franchisees’ minds. There is no question that these external elements are all extremely important to franchise success.

Now the task is to learn to incorporate the inner workings of your franchisees’ minds into the framework of your franchise offering. These new findings and the body of work they have inspired, allow you to craft franchise communications, operations, support, and training programs to create success at all levels. You can achieve a greater system-wide success and eliminate your ramp-up problems when you weave an understanding of the mechanisms of your franchisees’ brains into the programs, tools, procedures, techniques, and tasks that allow your franchisees to replicate successful results. More successful franchisors believe that it is important to have outlet owners running the locations that they have purchased, and do not permit passive ownership, while less successful franchisors often allow passive ownership since doing so makes it easier to find buyers.  Because passive ownership undermines the basic incentive behind franchising – the person running the outlet is trying to maximize profit – systems that allow passive ownership tend to have lower sales and higher outlet-level costs. The material in this post is excerpted from chapter five of my book From Ice Cream to the Internet: Using Franchising to Drive the Growth and Profits of Your Company.
Scott Shane is the Malachi Mixon III Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies and Professor of Economics at Case Western Reserve University. Williamwerb on Vital Franchise StatisticsFranchisors Must Take the Breadth of Their Franchisee Support Capabilities Into Consideration When Reviewing Candidates from Outside their Planned Territories. E-Learning is the most powerful and dynamic client attention program which guides you to obtain higher price, more and also helps you build a million dollar business. Unfortunately, many of these companies have only adopted the lingo and lack the deep understanding required to produce the results they seek.

Without them, there is no hope for a strong franchise company; there is no opportunity for any franchisee to be successful.
You have all the elements in place, yet even when most of your franchisees succeed, too many still flounder and some even fail.
Today, however, we have access to approachable scientific studies coming out of the new and growing field of Brain Science (Cognitive Science and Neuroscience). Yes, success for all franchisees -this includes even those people for whom success may not come as easily.
But, what you really want is results, and the blame game has never provided them and never will! This new science provides us with information and techniques we can use to design franchise success. And, it all starts with taking into consideration your franchisee’s beliefs, dreams, resilience, habits, emotions, willpower, and self-discipline which are governed by the brain.

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