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If you’re anything like me, a brand new year makes me do two things: look back at the past year and look forward to the months ahead. Life, as we all know, has a tendency to plot a different course than the one we’ve planned.
So, I start off by looking at what I wrote last year and answering these questions: did I accomplish everything I set out to do?
So, for instance, you’ll plan your new equipment purchases and upgrades, plan and detail any custom build needs, puzzle out any changes to your marketing materials and plans, and list and prioritize any vehicle repairs, replacements or maintenance.

Plan to tie up any unfinished business from last year, if (and ONLY if) those plans still apply. By figuring out where you started a year ago (and yes, you’re allowed to look back two, three or even more years), and making the comparison to where you stand now, your strengths and weaknesses become crystal clear.
So, for instance, if you’ve been neglecting your equipment replacement cycle because you put too much emphasis on that cool new facade or custom case configuration, you have been alerted, and now know what to focus on in 2013. The goal is to advance, not by great leaps and bounds, but in a steady, controlled pace that you can afford in both time and money. Naturally, the categories you’ve set up for your business plan might be very different, and hopefully this doesn’t seem all ethereal and vague, like the stuff the so-called “motivational” speakers espouse.

Spotting weaknesses through data is much better than spotting them when something goes wrong in the real world. A new year always promises a fresh start, and another cool thing I like to do is shake-off any left-over angst from the previous year. How about words of wisdom that changed how you do business? Here are nine quotes, shared as inspiration by our SUCCEED: Small Business Network community members, about what it takes to make your company thrive—and how to put these words to work for your small business.

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