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Last week I released a video post giving my personal story of when the “seed of inadequacy” was planted, grew roots, and begin bearing fruit in my life.
I received feedback from several people in various nations thanking me for being so transparent and sharing such a vulnerable story. Words to Live By…"The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose" - Dr.
Yes, try this at home, kids, but don't try this in a mid-engined or rear-engined Porsche, plus a front-driver doesn't really work, and remember: The more powerful the car, the easier it is to do. Step 2: Put your right foot on the gas pedal, and, checking the tach, spool up the engine to about 4000 or 5000 rpm.
Step 3: Abruptly lift off the clutch with your left foot, and transfer it to the brakes, but not so hard that you kill the engine. Step 4: Carefully vary the pressure on both the brake pedal and the accelerator until the rear tires are smoking and you're not moving.
I had an ex-girlfriend who used to lather herself in cocoa butter every morning, and boy, did she smell great.
While this is more of a metaphorical piece of advice about overcoming adversity, in daily life it’s still just as important.
DJ Khaled getting lost at sea on his jetski is the greatest story ever captured on Snapchat (watch here).

In case you aren't aware, you are amazingly beautiful, brilliantly powerful, and unusually remarkable!
The new Ecsta MX-C drift tire is designed to give off red smoke, discombobulate your neighbors, and impress your space-case friends at the Dairy Queen—trust us, it works. While always tempted to bathe in the sweet smelling lotion myself, I always held back, until today.
Khaled is a big fan of apples, especially the liquid type that are used for Ciroc Apple vodka, a brand he’s often Snapchatting and tweeting about. Having stopped off at rapper Rick Ross’ house for a bite to eat, Khaled took off home in the dark and managed to get himself lost in the entwining Miami canals. I feel this is something most people who shower do, so I think we can all tick this one off as a successful key. This is all well and good for Khaled, who has a personal chef on hand to cook him a delicious and healthy breakfast whenever he likes.
While not the fittest man alive, I’m in reasonable shape and take in the pleasant surroundings of the Parkville Running Route down Carlton way. I often find myself having doors closed in my face so I don’t have to try too hard to complete this one. Now I don’t have access to a jetski or the open water like Khaled, but in Melbourne we do have Albert Park Lake, so I trekked down there to the Boatshed and hired a paddleboat.

The person who I have transformed into today is because of your dedication to fulfill what you were placed on earth to accomplish. I didn’t set any records and am pretty sure a 60-year-old jogger lapped me, but I do feel better for spending an hour out and about in the sun and being active. Ok, so not as exciting as Khaled’s story and I did it during the day, but I quite enjoy the tranquil surroundings and even got to feed the ducks. While a little extra in pric,e I wanted to feel as successful as Khaled, even if I’m not making bank. These are just some of the terms DJ Khaled used to describe himself when interviewed by talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres recently. It’s fair to say I leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, with this being my favourite key so far. After a long day following Khaled’s keys to success all I want is to sink into bed surrounded by pillows and dream of my success. I am committed to carry out my portion of "Transforming Followers into Leaders, and Leaders into Agents of Change." May your soul (and the others who were traveling with you) rest in peace until we meet again.

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