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Want to join other elite level fitness professionals on my high level Hybrid private coaching program? It’s funny how some clever lil sayings can totally help us take our heads out of our butts and regain focus.
MOTIVATION IS WHEN YOU GET A HOLD OF A THOUGHT OR ACTION AND YOU DO IT (LIKE CLEANING YOUR HOUSE, OR MOWING THE LAWN). I think everyone should see something here that they can learn from,on their way to success.
A few people asked me if they could share this list on their blog or website… sure, go for it. This is a KILLER list mate… Some points here really stick out and will be a constant source of motivation for me which I will condition within myself and put to great use. Dont wait to get approval from anyone ,always follow instinct always do what makes you happy.most importantly always get plenty of sleep.
When I was done I ended up with this list of 61 success tips for a better life, business, and general world domination stuff.

Leverage time, technology, and others, and by that I mean VALUE your time and do the things that move you forward and outsource everything else. Focus on the critical 5% because these are the things that leap frog you forward in life and business.
Always up sell, because if you have a decent product or service then you have an ethical obligation to give your clients the best you have.
How many times have you waited for the perfect time to pull the trigger and the time was NEVER perfect. I also think it is important to live in the moment, because it is all that you really exist. I wasn’t going to get her digits until while working out I got the inspiration, got motivated and said stuff it. I have been having a crappy year so far and reading your post has made me realize that you have to keep on trying and move forward. Its short sighted, gets you nowhere fast, and once again the universe will pay you back in spades if you do.

Find your niche, the things you’re passionate about, and the people you like working with.
And when you do, without expecting anything in return, the universe somehow pays you back in spades. Look at what happened to Coke when they introduced the fridge pack or Trident gum when they repackaged their product – both products increased sales virtually overnight.
Thank you for your words of encouragement as I will keep plugging along and change my life for the better.

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