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Maybe you need to earn some extra cash; maybe you just want to clean out your garage but don't want the hassle of a garage sale.
Lynn is offering an automated six-step web-based course to teach you the basics of selling on eBay.
Let me share with you one of my sales - I found a dinnerware set - Villeroy and Boch, Riviera pattern at a local resale shop. Lynn's eCourse showed me how to enhance my listings, how to take better pictures, where to look for merchandise, how to pack and ship to prevent breakages and much, much more. At the end of the six steps you should have successfully listed and (hopefully) sold at least one item on eBay.
This is an incredible opportunity to learn from someone who has made a full time living selling on eBay for over nine years -- Lynn Dralle!
The price of this course is so cheap that you could conceivably make it back with the first item you sell. This is a€?The Marketing Strategy Processa€?, section 7.2 from the book Modern Management of Small Businesses (v.
This content was accessible as of December 29, 2012, and it was downloaded then by Andy Schmitz in an effort to preserve the availability of this book.
PDF copies of this book were generated using Prince, a great tool for making PDFs out of HTML and CSS. For more information on the source of this book, or why it is available for free, please see the project's home page. helps people like you help teachers fund their classroom projects, from art supplies to books to calculators.
Explain why segmentation, target market, differentiation, positioning, and website decisions are so important for the small business. The focus of this text is on the management of the small business that is up and running as opposed to a start-up operation. The marketing strategy process consists of several components (Figure 7.1 "Marketing Strategy Process").
The vision statementA document that articulates the long-term purpose and idealized notion of what the business wishes to become. Both the vision statement and the mission statement must be developed carefully because they a€?provide direction for a new or small firm, without which it is difficult to develop a cohesive plan. For small businesses that already have, or are looking to have, a web presence and sell their products or services online, e-marketingInformation technology applied to traditional marketing. With its focus being on achieving the marketing objectives, marketing strategy involves segmenting the market and selecting a target or targets, making differentiation and positioning decisions, and designing the marketing mix. The marketing strategy process consists of company vision, company mission, marketing objectives, and the marketing strategy itself.
Small businesses should limit the number of objectives to three or four to increase the chances that they will be achieved. E-marketing and traditional marketing should be integrated to create seamless marketing strategies and tactics. Marketing strategy involves segmenting the market, selecting a target or targets, making differentiation and positioning decisions, and designing the marketing mix.
Develop the marketing objectives for Franka€™s All-American BarBeQue restaurant in Darien, Connecticut.
Explain the differences between an onground marketing strategy and an online marketing strategy. Eds off their meds: Does this headline REALLY need to be so astronomically long it can be measured in parsecs? The US Securities and Exchange Commission recently wrote to "about a dozen" online retailers, The Wall Street Journal reports, asking for "hard details" about the amount of stuff they sell through their websites. According to trade-news website Internet Retailer, Target might as well throw in the towel if its goal is to even remotely challenge Amazon's hegemony. Not only is Amazon crushingly far ahead, but its online take is growing while the sales of other online retailers slips.
On the whole, online sales remain a small part of the US retail economy, but they are growing – if slowly. Or, looked at in a different way, online retail sales experienced a double-digit growth rate of nearly 14 per cent.
Network managers have a wide variety of security threats to worry about in today's enterprise. Helping you prepare for the new opportunities and data challenges the next generation of applications will bring.
Alibaba, the enormous Chinese e-commerce company, is expected to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange this Friday. This quote, from founder Jack Ma, has become emblematic of the half-decade battle between eBay and Alibaba.
Every morning for nine years, a young Jack would go to a local hotel in his home of Hangzhou, China to befriend foreign tourists and learn English. There was no Chinese content online at that time, and Ma started China’s first Internet company, called China Pages.

Ma was working in the e-commerce division of a government ministry when the 1999 Internet bubble hit Wall Street. He gathered 17 friends into his apartment and they built their own online business marketplace, calling it Alibaba.
From the very beginning, Ma positioned it as a global website and predicted it would join the ranks of U.S. Ma set off on a media tour in London and tried to combat the increasingly skeptical attitude people had toward internet companies at the time. Alibaba went on a roadshow, convincing business owners all over China to start using the Internet.
By the end of the year, more than five years after launch, Alibaba officially became profitable.
Employees lugged computers back to their apartments so that the company could remain up and running.
A small team snuck off to the apartment where Alibaba was founded to start creating Taobao, Alibaba’s consumer-to-consumer sales site.
The site brought a softer, more human touch to e-commerce that helped it gain consumer trust.
At that point, Ma directed the company to switch gears and stop focusing on the competition with eBay. Addressing his employees after the IPO, Ma said that working for Alibaba was so much more than just a job.
It has come a long way since that initial, brutal battle with eBay in China, but those early years shaped what Alibaba has become. The Business Model of eBay is an online person-to-person trading community on the Internet, using the World Wide Web.
Browsing and bidding on auctions does not incur any charges, but sellers are charged two kinds of fees. At no point during the auctioning process does eBay take physical possession of either the item being sold or the buyer's payment for the item, user trust is a key issue. Maybe you inherited some antiques and don't know how to turn them into money, or you need to supplement a fixed income. Even if you have been selling on eBay for a while, this course will still teach you more than enough to make it worth your while. By following Lynn's carefully written instructions and applying them to my eBay site I now have over 1100 listings and continue to grow both in sales and knowledge.
I taught at the College Level and you are one of a very few who knows how to transfer knowledge into learning -hallelujah!!! After you have done the reading for each step and taken the suggested actions, you will be asked to complete an assignment and share it with a friend or family member. In the many previous eBay courses she has taught through The Learning Annex and her personal seminars, she has always tried to make her lessons fun and entertaining. See the license for more details, but that basically means you can share this book as long as you credit the author (but see below), don't make money from it, and do make it available to everyone else under the same terms. However, the publisher has asked for the customary Creative Commons attribution to the original publisher, authors, title, and book URI to be removed. As a result, the considerations of marketing strategy are twofold: (1) to modify or tweak marketing efforts already in place and (2) to add products or services as the business evolves. Each component should be considered and designed carefully: company vision, company mission, marketing objectives, and the marketing strategy itself. It has been recommended that small businesses limit the number of objectives to a maximum of three or four. After all, if you have a market share of 0.5 per cent, and you grow that to 1 per cent, you can claim a 100 per cent growth rate. According to that publication's figures, Amazon sells more online than its 12 top competitors combined. Office-supply giants Staples and Office Depot, for example, are experiencing online-sales slumps, as is Dell.
Erisman worked there throughout its critical years (though he had left the company by the time he started making the documentary). By October 1999, the company raised $5 million from Goldman Sachs and $20 million from SoftBank.
Ma realized that people would pay hefty sums to have their product listings appear higher in search and launched a paid service.
In 2002, an Alibaba employee was diagnosed with the deadly virus SARS and the whole staff had to be quarantined. It had bought a stake in Eachnet, a Chinese eBay clone, and Ma knew it would start stealing his customers. Ma said that Taobao would be better suited to the Chinese market than eBay’s Chinese site. While eBay slashed features that Chinese users liked, Taobao made its site flashy and personable. Founded in September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar in his San Jose living room (Bjornsson 2001) , eBay connects a diverse and passionate community of individual buyers and sellers, as well as small businesses.

There is a strong company vision with a singular focus – that eBay is a company that’s in the business of connecting people, not selling things (Bjornsson, 2001).
Modelling helps firms develop business visions and strategies, redesign and align business operations, share knowledge about the business and its vision and ensure the acceptance of business decisions through committing stakeholders to the decisions made (Persson & Stirna , 2001). Buyers and sellers are brought together in a manner where sellers are permitted to list items for sale and buyers to bid on items of interest, also both sellers and buyers are able to browse through all listed items. This enables easy searching for buyers and enables the sellers to immediately list an item for sale within minutes of registering. A fee is charged for additional listing options to promote the item, such as highlighted or bold listing. What she'll be doing will be more like coaching: she'll give you practical assignments designed to give you hands-on auction experience, provide you with resources so you can complete them, and then have you share your homework with a friend or family member. Maybe you couldn't find the time to acquire all the technical knowledge eBay seems to require.
I constantly refer back to the materials that I printed and I count her as one of my friends. You are an outstanding teacher; I have put some of your lessons to use this week and that saved me a few costly mistakes.
The assignment could be as simple as creating a log to track your progress, answering questions to test your knowledge, or taking a sample photograph. Spend another $100 on gas (at least) and food and you still would be no closer to actually selling on eBay. Every month that you aren't successfully selling on eBay is a month where you are losing valuable income.
You may also download a PDF copy of this book (38 MB) or just this chapter (3 MB), suitable for printing or most e-readers, or a .zip file containing this book's HTML files (for use in a web browser offline). In some instances, it may be appropriate and desirable for a small business to backfit its marketing activities into a complete marketing strategy framework.
Although input may be sought from others, the ultimate responsibility for the company vision and mission statements rests with the small business owner. If you have fewer than two objectives, you arena€™t growing your business like you should be in order to keep up with the market. Differentiation refers to a companya€™s efforts to set its product or service apart from the competition, and positioning is placing the brand (whether store, product, or service) in the consumera€™s mind in relation to other competing products based on product traits and benefits that are relevant to the consumer.Dana-Nicoleta Lascu and Kenneth E.
Which figure would you prefer to trumpet to your investors, an actual market share growth of 0.5 per cent, or a growth rate of 100 per cent? Even companies that are experiencing high-percentage growth rates – Apple and Wal-Mart, for example – remain more than $50bn behind Amazon's juggernaut. Business modelling is simply the setup of a business and its network of partners for creating, marketing and supplying value and relationship capital to one or more customers to generate a profitable and sustainable revenue stream. For eBay to be able to convince users to participate they must deal with the inevitable delay between the buyer buying the item and receiving it, which is not an issue in the traditional model. During the six-step course, you will actually be expected to put something on eBay for sale. It sold for $515 on a Saturday while she was out of town at a baseball tournament with her son!
The creation of marketing objectives is one of the most critical steps a business will take. They also reach millions through specialized marketplaces such as StubHub, the world's largest ticket marketplace, and eBay classifieds sites, which together have a presence in more than 1,000 cities around the world (Shipman 2011). To reduce this anonymity and uncertainty of dealing online, eBay introduced Feedback Forums.
Maybe you have sold things on eBay, but didn't have much success getting the prices you hoped for.
It should address what business the company is in, the companya€™s potential customers, and how customer value will be provided. The company needs to know, as precisely as possible, what it wants to achieve before allocating any resources to the marketing effort. If a small business has multiple marketing objectives, they will have to be evaluated to ensure that they do not conflict with each other. At the completion of a transaction, users are encouraged to submit compliments or criticism to the trading profile of the trading partner to the Feedback Forum, both the Seller and the Purchaser have the ability to comment on each other.
It has been said that a€?in some cases strategy just happens because a market and a product find each other and grow organically.
By looking at the trading partners’ history of trades, and the comments made, the user will be able to estimate more accurately the trustworthiness of the trading partner (eBay Australia 2012b). It should be developed from the customera€™s perspective, be consistent with the vision, and answer three questions: What do we do? This is by no means a fool proof way to combat misuse, since users may be tempted to wait until their reputation is good enough that they can start to trade in expensive items before running away with the buyer's money, and of course there will be no feedback on a new user.

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