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Automated technology systems allow a company to provide critical customer service around the clock.
Within these two pillars there are numerous systems and vendor agreements to be made, and some are more critical than others. Credit, debit, and other electronic processing are one of the most critical components of any business.
Square, 2 checkouts, Apple pay, and PayPal are all online merchant service providers that allow businesses to take credit cards in both their online and physical locations. It is also important to find out how quickly an electronic payment provider will settle your transactions. For businesses that do not yet have an online store, there are many quick and easy ways to get one set up.
In a modern business, especially one with an online store, there will inevitably shipping and branding involved. This will ensure you get the printed labels and other materials you need when you need them.
Designbeep is a design blog dedicated to web developers,bloggers,designers and freelancers.Our aim is to share everything about web design,graphic design,tutorials and inspirational articles and more. Just as an elite athlete with all the physical preparation, game strategy and top mechanics, if their mind isn’t in the right place at the right time, they cannot execute the plan and win the game. Growing small businesses operate in the narrow danger zone between the leading edge and the bleeding edge of the marketplace. Here are four “operate for survival” things to do that will serve you well this year, followed by four “plan for success” ideas. I talked more about how to operate for survival while planning for success this week on The Small Business Advocate Show.
Recent ArticlesMirror of the Mind: Customer Service What can a company do, so that employees have a greater sense of customer care?

As an introduction into building successful business organizations, I’ll describe a number of characteristics that leading small businesses exhibit. There isn’t a singular solution for implementing any of these characteristics, each leader must develop their individual style and stay true to that style.  If your leadership idol is Gen.
Michael Nelson is a small business coach and circumstance marketing innovator who lives in DC with his lovely wife and three insane boys.
For many business owners and managers these systems are the modern day equivalent of lost in translation, there are so many options and service providers many companies simply loose track. This is for one simple reason; it is how most a business gets paid for its products and services. One of the fastest growing areas of electronic payment processing is in the area of near field communication, also known as paying with your cell phone. This means ensuring you know how long it will be before the funds end up in your bank account. Solutions include using shopify, or volution, which are two of the main leaders in the “store from a box” market.
After all what is the sense in growing your business into the online realm if you cannot fill the orders on a timely basis? And since our capital reserves and options are limited, every small business CEO makes decisions every day that are at once as much about survival as success. Technology has altered the landscape allowing business to operate online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Printing, accounting, payroll, and wholesale suppliers, are some examples of where it is important for a business to have strong and reliable vendors.
Your business has to be up to date in its processing technology in order to take advantage of new opportunities to get paid.
Some cards, like American Express can take up to a week to deposit the funds into the merchant’s bank account.

It is possible for a business with a do it yourself leader to deploy a functioning e commerce site in a single day. Your business needs the shipping labels for orders no later than the day after the order is placed. Many tasks can and should be delegated, but in a small business, whether you’re growing or just holding on, cash management is not one of them.
For a business successful operation in this environment requires two pillars of a business, robust automated systems and reliable vendors. These include online ordering, proximity or “tap” payments, and near field communication with cell phones. This is a great way to expand the reach of the business and sell to customers outside of the immediate geographic area of the physical location of the business. Get them involved in reviewing operational processes and eliminate or tighten up inefficient ones. Don’t scrimp on due diligence: check your assumptions, recheck your assumptions and then proceed with the best information you have, which might tell you to stop. Remember, there is a very fine line separating opportunity at the leading edge and the cash-eating bleeding edge. Remember this: An uninformed banker is a scared banker and no one ever got any help out of a scared banker.

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