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IBM has been on a roll lately with interesting information you can use to grow your business. The IBM study takes us back to basics, demonstrating the steps we need to take to make social media marketing work. IBM suggests that you regularly mine social media conversations as a way of determining customer preferences and marketing trends. Social media hasn’t been around very long but many of us are already stuck in the same routine. The Internet has provided a platform for the delivery of health and mental health services to consumers.
RAINN is a private, nonprofit organization whose service delivery is through telephone and online hotlines. Engage: This section includes the RAINN organizational chart, program components, funding, ecomap of collaborations, and goals.
Intervene: This section describes the RAINN intervention system with an emphasis on the RAINN website and online hotline. Evaluate: This section includes the purpose of the RAINN evaluation with data examples from a recent evaluation.

The Practice of Generalist Social Work, Third Editionby Julie Birkenmaier, Marla Berg-Weger, and Martha P. The Practice of Generalist Social Work, Second Editionby Julie Birkenmaier, Marla Berg-Weger, and Martha P. The Routledge Social Work team will be in touch to confirm your Instructor-level access to the site. One emerging trend is to expand  social media input beyond the walls of the marketing team.
Frank recently posted a study that shows 70% of business pages aren’t being updated at all. The RAINN National Sexual Assault Online Hotline is a new model for delivery of rape and sexual assault crisis services through a secure, confidential chat-based online hotline.
The online hotline, the focus of this case, uses trained staff and online volunteers, provides training through affiliated rape crisis centers, and uses online supervisors to provide supervision and support to staff and volunteers. It also includes a section on evaluation questions that cannot be answered using the current evaluation model. By creating an account, you can save your notes and your progress to reference each time you log in.

Posting a question to Twitter or Facebook is the social media version of waving your hand to be recognized.
Solicit ideas from everyone in the company; the CEO and the part-timer who does the shipping. With some creativity and the help of a few key influencers, social media could become an integral part of the success of your business. It is important for students to know that these new services exist, to think critically about their service model and its relationship to social work ethical principles, and to take an evidence-based approach to judging the effectiveness of these new services.
You can try an idea today, see the results tomorrow and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

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