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It's a big-money dance that takes place this time every year: One university wants to hang onto its highly successful football coach. Even without competition for their coaches' services, most schools are digging deeper into their budgets in December and January to pay incentives to their coaches for winning conference championships, getting to bowl games, drawing fans and keeping their players in good academic standing.
It's an investment, school officials say, in the health of a sport that's the revenue-generating backbone of most major-college athletics programs. Michigan cast its eyes on Miles when Lloyd Carr announced his retirement two weeks ago, after 13 seasons as the Wolverines' coach. The Big Ten Conference power, which has won more games (868 in 128 years) than any other major-college program, traditionally has held the line on coaches' salaries.
But athletics director Bill Martin acknowledged that Michigan might have to pay its new coach nearly twice the $1.5 million that Carr made this season. Martin sought and got permission to speak with Miles, though LSU's O'Keefe insists the coach never had any intention of leaving Baton Rouge. Miles, who's making $1.8 million this season, already had three salary escalators in his contract. Two require LSU to make him at least the SEC's fifth-highest paid coach if the Tigers win 10 games and third-highest if they claim a conference championship; the third guarantees he'll become the nation's third-highest paid coach if LSU wins the national title. The 10 wins and SEC championship are in hand, the latter secured with a 21-14 victory against Tennessee.
With a $2.625 million guarantee, Tuberville was the SEC's third-highest paid coach this season behind $3 million men Saban and Meyer.
Tuberville and Auburn reached agreement Tuesday on their own extension and a $200,000 annual raise, two Alabama newspapers reported. Less than a year after hiring Butch Davis, North Carolina handed him a year's contract extension and a $291,000 raise that will put his 2008 earnings at $2.1 million.
Arkansas' job opened when Houston Nutt, citing discomfort with his situation, agreed to accept a buyout despite a 75-48 record in 10 seasons with the Razorbacks.
Across the NCAA's Division I-A (now called the Football Bowl Subdivision), the number of million-dollar coaches has soared from five in 1999 to 50 today.
Arizona State's Dennis Erickson, for example, will go from a first-year salary guarantee of $500,000 to $1.275 million in 2008. USA TODAY could not obtain contract details for 11 coaches, most at private schools that declined to release information. Paterno's state-reported salary of $512,664 reflects only the money paid directly by the university and not supplements from media, shoe and apparel contracts, and other outside sources. Among the 107 major-college coaches for whom USA TODAY obtained a contract or other official documents showing most or all their compensation, the average guaranteed pay this season was $1.046 million. Kelly has done well enough that his name has been raised in reports about the Michigan job. Part of the discussion is what the school is willing to do to improve its sports facilities — beyond a $105 million athletics complex that opened just 19 months ago and provides administrative offices, weight and locker rooms and an academic center, among other things.
Kelly is lobbying for new football practice facilities and expansion of the school's 35,000-seat Nippert Stadium, looking to keep pace with big-time programs and appeal to recruits.

President Nancy Zimpher says the university will give him "every consideration within our means," but not beyond them.
On Cincinnati's campus, there is trust in Zimpher striking a balance between big-time athletics and education.
Cincinnati made an upward move from Conference USA to the Big East three years ago, and Zimpher says she's bent on the Bearcats competing at college sports' highest level.
A just-completed survey by the Texas-based Division I-A Athletic Directors Association found football's defensive coordinators averaged $200,000 in total compensation this season.
Such salaries can weigh more heavily on some schools than those for the head coach, whose salary generally is underwritten by media and other outside entities. Brand and other officials are frank about the NCAA's inability to legally suppress salaries.
The association is building an extensive database of spending on salaries and other athletics line items.
When it's completed early next year, schools will be able to draw comparisons with groups of institutions similar in size, conference affiliation and even ambition. At the same time, there are concerns that "underspending" institutions making such comparisons might feel compelled to open their checkbooks.
Bertman says Miles' raise likely will result in an increase in ticket prices (currently topping out at $45 a game) or preferred-seat licenses (now as high as $500 a game in addition to the ticket price).
The Lakers hired key staffers for the 2011-12 season, headlined by Head Physical Therapist Judy Seto and Strength & Conditioning Coach Tim DiFrancesco.
If you look closely when the television cameras focus on head coach Mike Brown and the Lakers players during time outs of coming-soon games, you’ll notice a few new faces in the background. Head Athletic Trainer Gary Vitti, who has been running the show since 1984, heads a staff featuring three new hires: Director of Physical Therapy Dr. DiFrancesco (PT DPT ATC, CSCS, AQx CMT) comes to the Lakers from the D-League’s Bakersfield Jam, where he did it all from handling strength and conditioning as well as head athletic training duties. Chris Bodaken, Director of Video Services last season, will take on the important task of venturing out on the road ahead of the team to scout opponents as the team's advance scout, then charged with relaying the information to Mike Brown’s assistant coaches. According to a statement of facts tendered to the court, Ms Marin received several silent calls from a private number about 6.30pm on July 19.
This year, for the first time, the average earnings of the 120 major-college football coaches hit $1 million, a USA TODAY analysis finds. Coaches retire, resign and are fired, and schools eager to preserve or upgrade their programs chase the most attractive replacements. Successful teams pump up ticket sales and prices, television rights fees, marketing revenue, donations and even applications for admission to the universities. The NCAA's latest data shows that more than four of every five major-college sports programs need institutional subsidies, student fees and other supplements to balance their budgets. Alabama's Robert Witt made $572,620 last year, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. O'Keefe worked late last Friday night with Miles representative George Bass and reached agreement on a new five-year deal as the Tigers' Southeastern Conference championship game against Tennessee approached.

The chairman of the private Razorback Foundation told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that Nutt received $3.2 million in the buyout. Nutt has pushed Mississippi above seven figures, and his successor at Arkansas almost certainly will keep the Razorbacks there. Figures for Notre Dame's Charlie Weis, a likely high-end earner, and Penn State's Joe Paterno are incomplete. These are my earning years, and I've got to make sure I get the dollars I deserve,' " Cincinnati's Brian Kelly says. Smith, buying out the two remaining years of his contract for $4.3 million, and hired Mark Dantonio away from Cincinnati. Kelly will make $800,000 this season, and his contract has built-in annual increases of $50,000.
The first-time head coach is making $265,850 before bonuses, 44% more than his predecessor did last season. Dantonio and Michigan State are 7-5 and headed for the Champs Sports Bowl, ending the Spartans' skid of three losing seasons. He met with Cincinnati athletics director Mike Thomas last week to begin a series of talks about potentially sweetening his five-year deal. She forced out successful men's basketball coach Bob Huggins two years ago because of academic and behavioral concerns in that program, a move widely lauded as a blow for institutional integrity. The university alone covers nearly all the cost of paying assistants and other athletics personnel. The extension came less than a week after Miles led the Tigers to a berth in the national championship. Judy Seto, Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim DiFrancesco and Equipment Manager Carlos Maples.
Seto has been practicing physical therapy for 26 years, worked in some fashion with Vitti and the Lakers for 23, and has traveled with the team throughout the playoffs for the past five seasons.
Since Bryant is as maniacal about taking care of his body as they come, his complete endorsement and full trust speaks loudly. General Manager Mitch Kupchak has four other scouts working in various capacities: scouting legend Bill Bertka, Ryan West, Charles Osborne and Jesse Buss. Median total compensation for 182 presidents and chancellors of public research universities and university systems was a little more than $397,000 annually, the publication found.
His name has been raised as a potential candidate at Arkansas, where he once played and worked as a student assistant. Jones guided the Chippewas to an 8-5 record, the Mid-American Conference championship and the Motor City Bowl. But if that's what the marketplace is and enough people are willing to watch Alex play or Julia Roberts in a movie, they have a right to get that.

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