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Book publication is every aspiring writer's dream, and in the past year the dream came true for 10 current and recent former students of the English department’s writing program. The department celebrated its students' successes with a free public reading by the recently published authors on March 17 in the the Rozsa Centre. Readers were Angie Abdou, derek beaulieu, Brea Burton, ryan fitzpatrick, Diane Guichon, Jill Hartman, Cara Hedley, William Neil Scott, Natalie Zina Walschots, and Andrew Wedderburn.
The books being feted included novels and collections of poems ranging in style from realistic to experimental, and covering topics from pirates to women athletes to family life viewed through the prism of that Canadian icon, the canoe.

Intention success document: section section processes, event or composing stories and plan. This A4 work mat or poster explains all the essential features of a story and can be used either at the beginning, during or at the end of the taught unit. The publishers of the new volumes are equally eclectic, located in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, British Columbia, and York, England. As a poster it could be displayed as a reference for the children to use throughout the taught unit.

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