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We are fond of listening to success stories from AliExpress affiliates, especially from our clients who are using websites built with AliPlugin. Today, we would like to share with you the story of Paul who has developed a nice business model to earn with the help of AliExpress affiliate program.
Later, when the official AliExpres Affiliate Program was launched and AliPlugin was released I had no doubts that the right time to start this business had come. I have two main income streams – from affiliate commission paid by AliExpress and from direct sales of my websites. Besides affiliate commission earnings I get profit from selling ready stores built for AliExpress affiliate program with AliPlugin. Actually you just need to complete some simple steps – get domain name and hosting, setup WordPress, install AliPlugin, select a theme and upload products.
AliExpress is gaining more and more popularity across the globe, so, speaking about affiliate commission I think that you can be successful with almost any market and any country.
As for niches, the most profitable ones for me are Electronics, Apparel, Health and Beauty. I pay much attention to social media marketing but my traffic is mainly organic from Google. I know I still have some toning to do but it really is a great feeling to feel this good in clothes! An example of what she eats in a day: - This is just an example of what my day might look like (it constantly changes). Breakfast: Dave’s Killer Break (Powerseed) with 1tbsp of Biscoff spread (this is like a treat to me). On motivation: - My very best advice is to just start because sometimes that big burst of motivation that we want so bad doesn’t come. At this point my motivation is in auto pilot as the mental rewards of weight loss have kept me on track.
On getting over a binge: - The best thing you can do when you are binging is to stop mid binge and put the food away. I began searching for AliExpress affiliate program on some CPA affiliate networks and found it on Neverblue and CJ. From the one hand I had a trusted affiliate program that pays up to 50% commission and from the other hand I got a perfect solution for building AliExpress affiliate stores.
However I have more luck with such countries like Spain, Brazil, Russia, and countries of Eastern Europe.

I sat at about 136lbs most of the time and had quite a few up and downs from dieting and then binging. My skin was overly broken out, and I was in the worst state of mind that I’ve ever been in.
Now, I know that not everyone is an advocate of calorie counting and I completely understand that! Never thought that I would say that because over the summer you would have heard me say how much I despised it.
While I am so envious of people who can eat completely clean, it’s just not what I desire to do. I know starting isn’t as easy as it sounds and guaranteed you will be cranky and stressed out the first few days, you will probably even be mad at yourself but after the first week or two you will see small changes and then it all starts to become worth it. I do allow myself some off days (especially since it’s Christmas break) but I make sure that I get right back on track the next day. The reason I failed so many times before was because I was so focused on hitting goals by certain dates.
I usually add about 3000-5000 high-rated products with commission rate starting from 3% to each website. I would be good during the day and at school, and then once I got home I would feel so insecure and just eat like crazy. I was terrified of being back into the place that I was when I was in California so once I started school again I started to lose. Once I feel like I am at a good place with my body, I will play around with calories and see at what range my body will maintain. I try to fit in things that will help make it so I don’t feel deprived but I also add in healthy options.
If I didn’t lose fast enough I would get discouraged and just get into the “well what’s the point” mindset.
Two years ago I joined Amazon affiliate program and created more than 30 Amazon affiliate stores. I think it can be explained by the fact that women spend 40% more time on social networks than men.
I missed so many days of school for the sole reason that I didn’t want to get dressed and feel uncomfortable.
I am on my way to changing up my routine and getting at least two strength training days in there considering that I’m getting close to my goal.

It has been important for me to find an eating plan that I can live with, therefore I never have an “end” point. I can’t say that I was extremely successful with these sites but anyway I could earn around $500-$700 monthly.
When I graduated I was 139lbs (about). Once I went into college it was easier for me to stick to calorie counting, I lost quite a bit of weight but then gained it back and more from out of control binging. I decided that I needed to get into the right state of mind and learn to get myself on track, healthily.
Once I hit my goal I plan to stick to my same routine- I’ll add some calories though to maintain rather than lose. Just try to remind yourself that you can’t let something as simple as food control your mood. I did Atkins, the cabbage soup diet, weight loss pills (I only did this for about 3 days and realized how idiotic I was being), and calorie counting. Technically yes, you could eat whatever you please within your calorie range and still lose weight. I wasn’t working out much but I was eating within a 1200 calorie range and was filling those calories with healthy foods.
The downfall to that is that you won’t feel good, it won’t provide you with proper nutrition, and you will find a lack of energy.
You truly have to find what works for you and what makes you feel good while also pushing you. So it has been really nice and a good learning process to realize that if I want to eat something yummy that I don’t need a ton of it.
Thankfully I was on the cheer team up until my junior year so I was at least getting a workout 5 days a week. I had several off days where I allowed myself to indulge a little, I needed to let myself do this to learn that just because I’m eating something yummy, doesn’t mean I need to go into a full out binge.

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