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The program is one of three sponsored by Street Law for diverse high school students, said Megan Hanson, a program director at the organization, but is unique in its partnership between law firms and high schools. Ted Elmore and Bobby Proutt, a partner and associate at Hunton & Williams, respectively, served as co-chairs for the program. Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more.
We’ll do what we did last year and identify the ten biggest stories of the past year as decided by you, our readers. By the way, in terms of hot topics, the most popular category page for the year was Law Schools. The classes were based on scenarios developed by William & Mary students and Hunton lawyers earlier in the year. With the help of Google Analytics, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten posts for 2010, based on traffic (as represented by pageviews).

If you don’t remember a particular story, or if you want to re-read it and take a trip down memory lane, just click on the title of each post to refresh your recollection.
Woman Claims She Was Fired for Being Too Attractive: Was Debrahlee Lorenzana too hot to work at Citigroup? The UNOFFICIAL New York Bar Exam Results Accidentally Posted on the Web Briefly Today: Thanks, New York Board of Law Examiners, for screwing up by posting New York bar exam results to the web before their scheduled official release.
Northwestern Law Student Emails Hand-Job Offer to Entire Law School: In hindsight, this email might not have been about manual stimulation of the genitals.
Harvard Law School 3L’s Racist Email Goes National: Yet another cautionary tale for the digital age.
The high school participants then attended interactive workshops on both topics and a career fair hosted by Hunton & Williams at their Riverfront Plaza offices on April 17. Lawyer You Don’t Want to Work For and a Law Student You Don’t Want to Hire: How not to apply for a job.

As usual, many (but not all) top firms followed Cravath’s lead and announced identical (or nearly identical) bonus schedules.
Sales said he greatly enjoyed participating in the program, especially one of the April workshops in which the high school students, law students and attorneys took sides in a simulated contract negotiation between agents for an athlete with a bad boy image and a shoe company.
It also reflects increased public discussion about legal education and the value proposition of going to law school. Epps, presidents, respectively, of the Virginia State Bar and Virginia Bar Association, spoke to the students during the luncheon provided by the firm.

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