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First, we had some Christian blogger declaring she wasn't going to wear yoga pants anymore in public because they created "a stronger attraction for a man to look at a woman's body and may cause them to think lustful thoughts." (Well, sister, I'm not a man and I'm looking at your body and I might be thinking lustful thoughts. But, really, I lost interest in her quickly for two reasons: 1) she struck me as the kind of gal who would wear undies with her yoga pants (and we all know that's a sin) and 2) what do I care if some married blogger somewhere doesn't wear yoga pants? Yoga pants wrap and support my posterior in such a way that I feel bad for my ancestors on that farm in Lithuania because those women never got to wear yoga pants.
In this messed-up world where people get shot for looking different, and way too many people are without jobs or food or shelter, we're really going to worry about a piece of clothing that looks and feels fantastic? She sat in there for a few minutes and then decided to take a warm shower since they always calmed her down. I'm not sure that anyone who has not tried on yoga pants can really appreciate what I'm talking about. And ladies, remember two things: 1) no one has to do yoga when they're wearing yoga pants (I've been CrossFitting in my yoga pants for seven years now), and 2) NO UNDIES! She grabbed her towel and then went in the bathroom and locked the door, so Zayn wouldn’t try to join her while she was in there.
In case you didn't notice, yoga pants might be the most wonderful thing invented in the past twenty years. When I wear yoga pants, my ass feels so fantastic that I'm amazed I can speak or drive or even function at all. It was true, he WAS turning her on, BUT she didn’t want to give in and let him know that.

The yoga pant alone has delighted more people than the iPhone and perhaps provided more joy than chocolate or your Aunt Edna.
She turned on the water, mixing the cold water with the hot water, so it would be warm, just how she liked it.
He lowered her a little, so his crotch was against her dripping wet vagina and he began to rub into her, causing her to let out a small moan. He raised her all the wall up, until her sex was in front of his face, and her legs were on each sides of his shoulders.
Before she could say anything, he began to lick up and down her pussy, circling around her clit and ______ couldn’t it any longer and grabbed onto his hair and started moaning, pushing his head further into her, trying to get more and more of him. She grabbed her towel, unlocked the door, and stepped into her and Zayn’s master bedroom.
Little did she know, Zayn was sitting on the bed, with his shirt off, and a lustful look in his eyes. She just looked at him and began to walk over to her dresser to grab some underwear, but she stopped when she saw Zayn walking over to her, cornering her into the wall. She began to back away a little and then he grabbed her by her ankles forcefully drug her back down to where he wanted her to be. He put his body close to hers and he put both his arms on either side of her, so she was trapped between him and the wall. He began to unbuckle his jeans and then he threw them off, with his underwear going with it.

Zayn looked at her and then grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down to the ground, on her knees, and shoved his dick into her mouth.
He finally let her hair go and _____ took control and began bobbing up and down on Zayn’s dick, finally being able to fit the whole thing into her mouth. He picked her up and flipped her over and bent her over the edge of the bed and plunged into her, giving her no time to adjust, and he began to pound into her. He leaned over her and pounded into her vagina, hitting her G-Spot repeatedly, and he began to quickly rub her clit. He picked up one of her legs and plunged back into her pussy, taking _______ into an all new high. He grabbed her arms and held tightly onto them and he began pounding into her, causing ______ scream out in pleasure.
With that, _______  let all of her juices spill out onto his dick and he plunged into her a few more times and he released his load into her.

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