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For over 4 years, Rhythm Works has inspired school children and workshop attendees through their genuine positivity and love of all things rhythmical.
RW has performed in Toronto events such as WE DAY, Grey Cup Festival, Unity Fesival, Tangled Arts Festival and CODE conference, while kids often recognize them from the YTV show Zoink’d.
Troy Sexton is a dancer, drummer, beatboxer, teacher, motivational speaker and performer with high energy and a positive personality.
Troy currently divides his time between performing in international STOMP tours and running his Rhythm Works business out of his hometown of Toronto.
Notable TV credits include Dancing with the stars (Poland), So You Think You Can Dance (Australia), Much On Demand (Canada), We Day 2010 (Canada) Zoink’d (Canada, YTV), as well as music videos for artists Rich Kidd, The Used and USS.
Troy’s infectious positivity and passion for dance is obvious as he inspires audiences to listen to their gut and do what they love. Born in Toronto, Sheldon has traveled to entertain audiences around the world as a session musician, accompanist, vocalist, pianist, dancer, drummer and percussionist. Sheldon has performed both demanding technical pieces and spontaneously improvised music, proving his versatility.
Through a genuine love of music and positive spirit, Rhythm Works strives to provide your school or event with an unforgettable experience. RW percussionists & dancers attend to hype up and inject energy into your party or event. Troy Sexton has lead workshops for attendees of all ages, for groups of physically and mentally disabled audiences, and for orphanages and schools in Kenya.

With a RW workshop, everyone becomes a drummer with their own bucket and pair of drumsticks – teachers too!
Troy has choreographed body percussion and hip-hop workshops for many dance programs across Canada. High school events begin with a high energy rhythmic performance followed by a motivational talk which includes reference to Troy’s own learning disabilities and broken home. Troy’s many years of stage experience always lead to a great show, with a message that ‘sticks’ with all types of audience members.
Through shared participation, workshop attendees will have a captivating experience to build morale in the workplace. Lead by Troy Sexton of STOMP fame, Rhythm Works has performed and taught workshops at over 250 schools and events across Canada. Music is in his genes, as the grandson of India’s legendary big-band leader, front-man vocalist and trombonist, Maurice Concessio, and son of parents who co-led ‘THE ENTERTAINERS’ later known as ‘SECOND GENERATION’.
Audiences are left smiling, with a palpable energetic feeling which can last throughout the week or school year. Just like a heartbeat, beats and rhythm transcend spoken language and can be understood by all. Students spend the hour building a body percussion routine, learning basic rhythms on the bucket drum, and taking turns performing along with live music.
This advanced workshop combines stepping and hip hop to create a routine to popular music the students will love.

Through positivity and an adventurous spirit, Troy was able to follow his dreams onto the cast of STOMP at a young age. Following the show, there is always a line up of students ready to meet Troy and thank him for the experience.
Troy teams up with talented percussionist and dancer Sheldon De Souza to create a high energy rhythm, dance and music show using body percussion, STOMP-style drumming and beat-boxing. RW takes time to answer questions, meet audience members, and even invite staff and students on stage to share their special musical talents. Emphasis is placed on making positive choices, treating others with respect, and becoming interested in your peers through asking questions.
Troy has performed with STOMP in countless countries all over the world for the past 10 years.
The final element is a group discussion about teamwork, leadership and presentation skills.
Emphasis is placed on musicality and becoming more aware of beats and rhythms in the piece of music. RW is always happy to hear your collaboration ideas, and often team up with hip hop artists, break dancers and DJs to make your event pop.

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