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This entry was posted in Health Quotes, inspirational quotes, Positive Thinking and tagged Health Quotes, inspirational quotes, positive thinking. EXCLUSIVE: Ahead of his first-ever visit to Australia, actor Michael J Fox describes to Nick Miller the progress of his disease, how it opened up a world of possiblities, and the inspiration he has drawn from the reality of living with an incurable, progressive illness. OCCASIONALLY while watching late-night TV, waiting for the moment when his hyper-kinetic Parkinson's-plagued body will grant him sleep, Michael J. It is now three decades since TV sitcom Family Ties turned a young Canadian high school dropout into one of America's most recognised stars.
I’m a bit late to the game as I spent my first few days of 2015 exploring Edinburgh, meeting new people and visiting my friends. And after reading this amazing guy who did good things every day, it really just proves how being happy is all you can be. And there are things that you can do—sometimes as simple as taking a walk or spending time with your girlfriends.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fox will be confronted by his former self.A Family Ties episode or a Back to the Future rerun will pop up on the screen showing how he used to be - the natural, instinctive acting style, the physical energy in a bottle that he summoned in effortless touches, hopping backwards on to a table with his hands in his pockets as Alex P.
Those boyish looks sit gracefully on a 50-year-old man, his wit is sharp and charming, and a tonne of charisma still burns through those blue eyes with the crinkly edges.But it is two decades since a twitching little finger betrayed the early onset Parkinson's disease within Fox, a disease whose relentless progression now turns the simple act of trying to sit still in a chair into a visible, physical struggle. The year started bittersweet, what with being sad about my previous relationship eneding yet spending the new year with my amazing best friend in a renovated church in Norfolk.
People who are always smiling and positive are the people who stay inspired and get what they want.

Ex-journo talking about the places I've travelled, the events I've been to and where I'm drinking tea in London. The year then gave me experiences such as attending London Fashion Week, staying in a 5 star hotel, winning competitions for free clothes and London Fashion Weekend tickets, working at Glastonbury, going travelling around New Zealand and Asia and of course my amazing friends. Keep doing whatever you love, be it shopping, playing video games, knitting, writing music, no matter what others say. Predicting how much medicine to take on a given day is part science, part art, part lucky dip.''I've kind of got control of it today. But other days I might not, just inexplicably it doesn't work, and those are difficult days.''When the diagnosis was made in 1991 and his future prospects explained, Fox turned to drinking.
This began a transformation that has left him, in his own words ''kind of weirdly optimistic and positive, to the extent that it probably grates.''There's this aphorism that I learnt when I quit drinking, which is that my happiness grows in proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations,'' he says. He wrote in his book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future that the first years without drinking were ''like a knife fight in a closet''.But, he says, he has come to realise that Parkinson's actually enriched his life. You see the entirety of your life in a way that you don't when you myopically focus on your career, or what your last movie did. All of a sudden it's all bigger, the stakes are bigger, the implications are bigger and the possibilities are bigger.''The only thing you know for sure is that there's no cure for this, it's going to get worse. Given that's what your great truth is, you have to find ways to make things better.''The word optimism is one he returns to, time and time again.
I don't have a a€¦ what's the word, when you look in the mirror and say positive things about yourself? My natural state is to look at things as possibilities and as opportunities.''He traces a lot of this back to his parents - his father a career soldier - both making the most of a tough life with few luxuries.

It sounds like Pollyanna-ish tripe but I'm telling you - it works for me.''Ten years ago Fox put this positivity to work, creating the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which has raised more than $300 million towards research into treatments for Parkinson's.
His foundation pushes government to turn basic science into potential cures (''one of the things we found when we got in to cure this disease is we found out the system had to be cured''). It pushes pharmaceutical companies to keep working on promising compounds even if the dollars don't quite add up as a commercial venture. And it is close to some exciting breakthroughs, such as preventing the ''dyskinesia'' side-effect that makes medication such a double-edged sword.Fox says his experience with the foundation has been more fulfilling than being a movie star. But, it is clear from the way his face lights up, the central joy of his life these days is his family - wife Tracy, and their four children.''What's great about Tracy is she doesn't dramatise her role,'' he says of the actress he met on the set of Family Ties.
In the past he has found calmness and perspective in big natural features like the Rocky Mountains or the Grand Canyon, he says.''It's such a magnificent thing,'' he says.
I just feel this way.''As part of a commercial arrangement between The Age and The Visionary Series - Michael J.

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