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This new Disney Fairies adventure featuring star attraction Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) is Class A family fare from the House of Mouse. The digital animation is clean with little to balk at, offering up a rich palette of colors. A fine entry in Disney’s series of Tink adventures, families can sit back and enjoy this harmless entertainment without worry.
With a star-studded voice cast featuring Anjelica Huston as Queen Clarion, Timothy Dalton as Lord Milori, Lucy Liu as Silvermist, Raven-Symone as Irdessa and others, this new tale finds the ever-busy tinker fairy Bell exploring the Winter Woods despite a ban on summer fairies crossing into the winter woods and vice versa.

There, she discovers she has a sister born of the same laugh, Periwinkel (Lucy Hale), and when together, the sisters’ wings light up like nothing before.
The 3D work is better than some theatrical releases I have seen that have been converted to 3D, which isn’t really saying much. But crossing into each other’s territory poses a great risk to their health, and breaking the rules draws the attention of Lord Milori of the Winter Woods and Queen Clarion of the Summer Woods. A fun adventure, probably the best in the Disney Fairies series yet, kids will definitely love this one and so will grownups who will appreciate the film’s moral center and lack of cynicism and off the cuff humor.

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