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Credit: Pixabay Speaking to CNBC’s Bob Pisani, energy analyst Ramez Naam gave a brief overview of where the solar energy market stands today.
In May of 2016, Portuguese citizens and the infrastructure supporting them operated on renewable energy alone for 4 straight days. DescriptionIt was a significant milestone achieved by Portugal, when the country gave up non-renewable for four straight days. For the four straight days, Portugal used renewable energy like solar, wind and hydro-power energy. Energy Sources UsedIn Portugal, the energy sources that were used included solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, and it was only possible due to the weather conditions.
Minister of Defence Brigadier General Mansur Dan-Ali yesterday justified the retirement of 38 senior officers of the Nigeria Army, saying they were found guilty of “professional corruption,” hence they were sent packing. Dan-Ali said this while answering questions after presenting a paper to the participants of National Defence College (NDC) Nigeria Course 24, Abuja that the investigation into the issues that led to the compulsory retirement of the senior officers was thoroughly carried out, as it is the tradition in the Nigeria Army and the officers were found to be guilty, even after given their testimonies through interrogation. The minister said, “Of course they were giving fair hearing, a board called them and they went and testified. Also, Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Tukur Buratai yesterday explained that the Nigerian Army followed due diligence before arriving at the decision to retire the 38 officers. Answering questions from newsmen after a visit to Communication Technology Minister Adebayo Shittu, Buratai explained that the process that led to the retirement of the officers started with enquiry from one division GOC to the other after which the findings were subjected to legal review before the recommendations were forwarded to higher authority for consideration. Usman, therefore, said members of the public should disregard the unconfirmed published names, describing the conduct of the media houses as unethical and unfair.
Are you the judge they should complain to or how did you come about the fact that they are not complaining?
Trust me, everyone should experience union with the Universe at least once in your life, if not every day in your life.
The role of Universal energy in your life is defined as you give direction to the energy through your intentions and desires. At the same time, if you’re out of alignment with Universal energy, you will experience problems, pain, and struggle. When you are flowing with Universal energy money will begin to manifest mysteriously into your life.
You’ll learn how to blast through the energy blocks that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.
If this sounds like what you’re after, CLICK HERE to learn more about this empowering chakra cleaning audio program. Essentially, Naam reiterated what ZME Science has been reporting closely over the last few years: solar energy is getting cheaper by the minute to the point that it’s now cheaper than fossil fuels even without subsidies in those sunny places like Nevada in the United States or Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The people did not use any fossil fuels, but they used the renewable energy as they kept electricity on solar, hydro-power and the wind energy. This was possible with the co-ordination between the meteorological department and the electricity network too.
It was a remarkable feat for any country to support their population of 10 million people only with the help of renewable energy. Don’t forget that in the military there is no half way of doing things, the moment you are found wanting, you have to succumb and you will go,” he said.
After that, we subjected it to legal review, after the legal review, we forwarded our recommendations to higher authority for consideration.

Sani Usman said the lists of officers published by some media organisations (not The Guardian) are false and contrary to what truly obtained. It is lack of value in media profession that is contributing to ethnic discord in Nigeria. Can we also know what their offences were so others can learn and too we know how innocent from such offences are those who retired the retirees. Have you felt what it is like to be in harmony with everything that exists and in total alignment with your surroundings? The way to alchemically transform your life is to clear out whatever is blocking Universal energy. If you’ve been struggling with this same problems for years then you’ve probably developed very powerful negative and limiting beliefs. It’s easy, all you have to do is clear out your chakras and realign them with Universal energies. It will remove blocks quickly and allow you to begin manifesting through the Law of Attraction.
In fact, all kinds of near-miraculous events will begin to occur naturally when your chakras are fully in line with Universal Energy.
This step by step audio program will clear out your chakras and realign you with Universal energies. The tech is moving fast to other places which traditionally aren’t shined by so much sun, simply because businesses and residents would be foolish not to adopt it.
For 107 hours, the people in Portugal resorted to it and not the non-renewable energy like coal, thermal power, or natural gas. The renewable energy can also become surplus with the drastic turn in the weather conditions as it may be sunny or windy in the particular days. The weather was sunny, breezy or windy during this period, which not only helped in the energy collection but also in its utilization. The military should stop publishing names of officers that are kicked out because no other ministry or agency does it.
Do you understand that to be integrated with the Universe is one of the life’s greatest blessings?
The Universe is an all powerful and loving connection to the Source of all infinite potential. Isn’t time you connected to the Source of Spiritual Energy which can bring you anything your heart desires? The zero emissions were reported across European countries in the places like Germany and Denmark and now in the year 2016, it was used by Portugal.
These are environmental-friendly resources as reported by the country’s departments and will also help to ward off solution. The grid was also not strained with excessive cooling or heating, and the mild temperature was maintained. Your alignment with Universal energy will bring you all of the health, relationships and happiness you desire. Living as one with the awesome power of the Universe will help you every step of the way as you manifest your deepest dreams. The fact is that you CAN get around these blocks and manifest your destiny, no matter how great or small it is.

The Chakra Clearing program has been specifically designed to help you realign with Universal energy, faster than you ever thought possible.
It was also seen that the solar power will play a significant role in sustaining energy efforts in Portugal as it receives maximum sunshine in the whole of Europe. They didn’t include the gas-powered vehicles, but the ones which were electrical got charged during this period, and there was zero emission. The Sun is just one example of the Universal energies which plays a significant role in our lives. You can have the money you want, the love you crave and the health you need to survive and thrive. Most importantly your health soaring to new levels will give you strength for new endeavors. Elsewhere, in Dubai, a bid worth a record-breaking US 2.99 cents per kilowatt hour was accepted.
According to the latest reports, the country’s renewable resources provided constituted 48% and generated the electricity. Solar energy is already cheaper than coal in the world’s second most populated country, India. It was also seen with the help of wind energy, 550 MW was also added as a renewable energy resource. All of these prices were made subsidies not included, unlike coal, gas or oil which amount to $452 billion each year across G20 states. Environmental-friendly Efforts in other European CountriesNot only in Portugal but many other European and other foreign countries have also increasingly been turned on to the idea of renewable energy.
Last December, Congress extended the federal investment tax credit which gives a tax credit of 30 percent of the value of solar projects.
Germany switched on to the usage of renewable energy source on May 8, 2016 and its 95% of the power demands were met by these sources, and it was seen as an achievement for an industrialized nation. Under the new scheme, the 30 percent solar tax credit will extend through 2019 and then decline gradually to 10 percent in 2022. Even in the fall of 2015, Denmark was another country, which met its electricity demand as it generated 140% of it with the help of wind energy.
After 2022 the credit will be eliminated for residential solar installations and will continue at 10 percent for commercial ones.
Other foreign countries like Scotland generated around 57.7% of the electricity consumption with the help of renewable energy, Hawaii has made a law to go 100% renewable by the year 2045, whereas California will hit the record of 50% by 2030, and many more countries will also join them. Apparently, solar and wind deserve subsidies only for a couple of years until they’ve matured, which if fair in this context, but not in the larger one where fossil fuels still retain enormous subsidies.
Despite this setback, solar energy contractors are already working hard to push the solar energy kilowatt-hour price tag down to the point where it’s least just as cheap as fossil fuels post-2020 — tax credits or not.
That’s a nationwide plan, in the United States, because solar energy is already cheaper without subsidies than subsidized fossil fuels in many sunny places.

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