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A graduation cake for high school or college graduates can go beyond the traditional "Congratulations" or "Class of 2011" message. Instead of a typical message like "We'll Miss You" or "Goodbye" on a cake for someone moving on in a new life direction, give it a positive spin. Whether you create a novelty cake design with a special message or simply add a funny saying to a happy birthday cake, the inscription is an important part of any cake design. The next time someone suggests you take it on the chin, you might be well advised to take their advice. And that's saying a lot, considering I had just read Imran Ahmad's critically acclaimed Unimagined before yours. To make it easier for a baby to pass through the birth canal, their body is composed of smaller component bones that fuse later fuse as they grow.

Make sure you mark this occasion by using a cake inscription that clearly expresses your feelings and wishes.
A whimsical message, such as "yum yum" repeated on a wedding, birthday, retirement or anniversary cake is a cute way to invite people to try the sweet confection. Adding someone's name (or the name of a couple) to a cake beyond the anniversary or birthday message will make her feel like the cake was truly meant for her. Don't go to too much trouble on this cake, or the person you're thanking will feel they need to thank you for your thanks! Write congratulations across the top of the cake and then add additional wording about the achievement below. This cake inscription is a perfect cake for a couple celebrating Valentine's Day, a special anniversary or other amorous occasion.

Make sure you bake or order a large sheet cake in order to have enough room for your entire message. Large block lettering makes a bold statement about your feelings, but a romantic scripted font is another good choice.

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