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The manipulative strategies used in the contraception war are the same ones that are trying to divide all people in society. Today, I want to talk about the war that’s being waged in some parts of US society against contraception, sexual determinism, and women’s agency. But in a way, that’s kind of the point, because even though I am not the target of the attacks on women and gays, they still very much affect me. Now, a lot of folks are rightly horrified that a presidential candidate who supposedly favors “small government” would advocate government control over contraception in order to make sure that citizens only do what he thinks they should do in the bedroom, and were rightly appalled at Limbaugh’s slut-shaming tirade against Ms. If a woman wants access to contraception as contraception, presumably it’s because somewhere along the line there’s a man involved. Even if these things did only affect women or gays and lesbians, I would still support them against the systematic attacks of the political right, because it’s simply the right thing to do.
Since it benefits men too, I see nothing wrong with expecting men to help shoulder the cost. It’s not surprising to me that a health care reform act would mention women more often than it mentions men, since women generally face much higher health insurance costs than men, receive discrimination in medical coverage and health insurance availability, and bear the burden of more out-of-pocket expenses than men do.
Your other claims are common among right-wing blogs, but I can’t find substantive support for them. I don’t have a problem with men being expected to help their partners pay for birth control. Since women use the healthcare system more, I don’t see why the fact that their healthcare costs more should be all that surprising.
Now, insurance also pays for ongoing expenses that nearly all of us will have to face at some point or another–for things like glasses or routine annula checkups or Viagra or blood pressure pills.
To answer your question, though: If you disregard what Rush Limbaugh said and you actually do some fact-checking yourself by reading or watching Ms. Yeah…the difference betwen my glasses (which i paid for fully, btw) and everything else is that they, for the most part, requir a co pay. Obamacare will make it so that women will enjoy all the reproductive (and sometimes not-reproductive) healthcare sans any kind of copay whatsoever. Oh and btw- you never answered why women shouldn’t pay more for a healthcare system that they use more. If you get pancreatic cancer and I don’t, your premiums might raise after the fact, but why should I pay the same amount that you used to be paying since you’re unquestionably using a lot more health-care services than I am? So yes, if I developed pancreatic cancer I would expect my premiums to rise because I am now costing the company more money.
But to address your assumption: no, women having access to BC is not the same as men having access to BC.

Remembering Defiance and Love for LGBTQ EqualityAn activist remembering early struggles for LGBTQ liberation stands in solidarity with Orlando. What if We Let Others Help Us Be Accountable?What if we were open to be challenged on occasion, instead of being defensive and holding firm to a position that may not even serve us? The Accountability of RapeI refuse to believe people like Brock Turner somehow define a dark shadow that resides in all men.
Protect the Great Barrier Reef Rather than be Critical of ItEllen DeGeneres calling for the protection of The Great Barrier Reef is exactly what we need to hear ahead of the 2016 Australian Federal Election. What I’ve Learned as a Stay-at-Home-DadA month in, and this dad shares some great “aha” moments! Ecology: The Constancy of Change PersonifiedThese flowers gently merge, one into the other with an intimate floral embrace. That puts me in a uniquely privileged position; since I will never be pregnant, the assault on women’s right to choose doesn’t affect me directly. The thing is, these are not assaults on women’s rights or gay and lesbian rights; they are assaults on human rights.
The debate over whether or not women should have easy access to contraception has turned into one of the defining issues in the current political discussion. The moment a person says that it’s acceptable to use manipulative, divisive strategies to achieve a political end, or that victims should not be permitted to leave abusive situations in order to satisfy some kind of abstract idea about the way people “should” be, that affects all of us.
But by casting these things as women’s issues” or “gay and lesbian issues,” those who seek to control our sexual choices hope to divide us.
It’s interesting, but I suppose not surprising, that men want women to be responsible for birth control and feel entitled to benefit from it without paying for it.
E shared etween the couple, and be layered (barrier methods and hormonal) ESP in the case of new partners.
But since I don’t have a girlfriend atm, and am not currently sexually active, why should I be expected to help pay for everybody else’s birth control? Well, why should everyone else be expected to pay for your glasses, or your high blood pressure medication, or your pancreatic cancer?
It’s a system whereby people pay into a common pot that is used to cover expenses of the folks who pay in.
But if you do, as soon as you start complaining about other folks’ expenses (“why should I have to pay for his lung cancer? If you have a genetic condition that increases your likelihood of heart attack, why should you get your health insurance for the same amount that I do, since you’ll probably use more services?
While BC is a joint responsibility it is also important for individuals to have control over their own reproduction, rather than trusting someone else not to make a selfish decision.

Collected StoriesOur e-book, free with a Gold Premium Membership, curates and collects some of our finest articles designed to change the conversation about men. Since I am straight, the assault on the rights of gays and lesbians doesn’t affect me directly. Last October, presidential candidate Rick Santorum said “One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country. But a lot of folks have cast these as being women’s issues, and described them as attacks on women’s rights, and I think that misses the point. When a woman chooses to use contraception, she’s not the only one affected; her partner is affected too. Many of the opponents of gay marriage, like the National Organization for Marriage, actively seek to use racial division to achieve their goals.
This strategy only works until we see past the artificial divisions and realize that an attack on women or on gays and lesbians is an attack on all of us. What she actually talks about is something else–people being denied medical treatment for serious medical conditions, on the grounds that the treatments can *also* be used for birth control. Do you think insurance companies just go around paying people’s expenses because they’re just swell people? Traditionally, birth control benefits both men AND women, but women are expected to pay the bulk of the cost for it. If you can’t refute my points without these snide asides, then please by all means dont bother.
I am, in other words, not the target of the campaign against women and gays that’s playing out on the airwaves and in the ballot boxes all over the United States right now. Had Santorum been in the White House, and had he been successful in his crusade to prevent her from obtaining birth control because he wanted the government to have the final say in how our lives were “supposed to be,” it would not have affected her; it would have affected both of us. It takes two to tango, no bc is perfect, and if we are being responsible ethical part era we’d share the cost risk and conversation. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.” More recently, radio commentator Rush Limbaugh referred to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “whore” and said that she should be made to post sex tapes of herself online for his viewing pleasure when she said that the insurance policy covering fellow students were wrong to deny coverage for drugs to treat ovarian cysts on the grounds that they could also be used for contraception.

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