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More than 30 million women in the US suffer from hereditary hair loss, and it is important to realize that there is no miracle cure for thin hair. Meanwhile, if you have a party to attend or an event coming up, the 8 simple ways below can make your thin hair look thicker.
Clip-on extensions are very convenient are far easier to use compared to regular extensions, which can irritate your scalp. When you visit your stylist this time, get your hair cut in layers and ask your stylist to cut the lower layers just a little shorter than the top ones. Another clever way to make your thin hair appear thicker is to get them cut above the shoulders. Dietary changes can also be necessary, especially if you don’t consume enough proteins and vitamins. Stress, hair dyes and certain medicines are also known to cause hair loss, which is why you need to pay attention to all aspects of your lifestyle.
If any of these suggestions help you, or if you have any you would like us to add, please let us know by commenting below. Not only will you settle in socially, but living on campus is convenient for the academic aspect as well. As the weather begins to cool down and Halloween approaches, everyone pulls their sweaters out of storage and the buzz of excitement begins. In December, everyone realizes that they’re on the home stretch, and they can, in fact, survive the semester! March is an all-important month in the Carolina community because it signifies the beginning of March Madness! Last year, when my RA checked me out of my room, she told me how glad she was to have had me on her floor.
While they aren’t as realistic, you can easily find some with a color and texture similar to your natural hair.
Firstly, the highlights will make your hair appear more dense, and will divert attention from any patches on your scalp.
You can also get your hair colored in a way that the lower layers are darker than the upper ones, creating an illusion of density and fullness. You can simply use your rollers or a curling iron to give yourself bouncy ringlets that will make your hair appear thick, voluminous and full of life. There are several hair-boosting supplements available in the market as well, but as we said earlier, don’t expect any miracle cures. Get more than 20 More Tips on Making Thin Hair Look Thicker by the Community at Tipspit - Click here. There’s something special about each and every one of the ten months you’re living at Carolina, and the fun you’ll have makes a year at Carolina pass by so quickly! You’re getting your keys, checking out your new digs, meeting (or reuniting with) your roommate, and moving in boxes upon boxes of important stuff while pouring gallons upon gallons of sweat.

Then there’s going down the hall or around the suite to meet your neighbors, and usually your RA tries to swing by to say hi, too. With Week of Welcome activities plus activities sponsored by your dorm or community, there are so many social opportunities and new friends to be made! You’ll fill out a roommate contract where you decide on all-important matters such as visitation hours and what’s allowed to be shared and what’s not. After a long day of classes, you can come back to your room, rummage around for a snack, and have somewhere to study. Planning for costumes sometimes takes place months in advance, and everyone goes to Franklin Street to see the crazy crowds. There are exclaims of delight and bursts of laughter as make-up, masks, and costumes transform people’s friends and neighbors into everything under the sun. An influx of due dates begins to pile up and color-coded calendars become blinding arrays of rainbows.
Thanksgiving is at the end of the month, and usually communities hold some sort of feast (again may I emphasize, free food.) My roommate decided to brighten up our room by making a hand turkey out of construction paper, with each feather representing something she was thankful for.
Countdowns of class days begin to pop up on white boards down the hall as everyone looks forward to break. Even though we didn’t win, we still had a ton of fun doing it, and it really made our room look awesome. Everyone arrives back on campus, excited about new classes, new books, and seeing their friends again. Snow in Chapel Hill is always a really special occurrence—at the first sign of a flake, everyone runs outside to engage in snowball fights. Even for singles, this is a fun day because communities sponsor different events like fondue parties or cookie baking and decorating. Whenever there’s a Carolina basketball game on; I always watch the game with my door open, and sometimes people stop by to check the score or ask what channel the game is on, but they end up staying and watching the whole thing. When living on campus, you’re much closer to Franklin Street so you can rush to the party after Carolina wins! This is always bittersweet because even though it’s sad to say goodbye to all your friends, it’s nice to remember all that has happened throughout the year.
We talked about the year and all the fun we had in our community, and we discussed what we were both doing over the summer.
After a whole year of living in the same residence hall, many of your friendships will stay with you throughout your college career and beyond. If you are concerned about thinning hair, you should consult a dermatologist, who will then recommend an appropriate treatment. Moreover, don’t let your stylist use any razor or blade on your hair, because that leads to fraying, which will make your hair look even thinner.
Secondly, peroxide itself thickens hair, causing them to swell and consequently have more volume.

Creams and gels are typically heavy, and push your hair down, emphasizing how thin they are. Moreover, a nice pixie or a bob cut like the one Victoria Beckham sports will totally disguise any thinning.
Then you’re deciding who gets which bed, whether you want to bunk or loft or leave the beds down, and how you want to arrange your room (the possibilities are nearly endless!) Eventually comes the decorating (my favorite part!) Make sure to bring lots of photos, posters, decor—anything to make your room feel like the home it’s going to be.
The bookshelf on my desk allows me to keep everything in one place and makes my desk a great place to do homework! It is always incredibly packed, noisy, and unpredictable—these words don’t really do it justice, but it’s a UNC experience you have to have at least once! Even with all the papers due and with exams looming in the near future, your neighbors can make life fun.
It really helped to remember that, even when we wanted to tear out our hair, we had so many blessings to count! I had forgotten how much fun simple things could be, things like making paper snowflakes with my roommate.
Even as excited as I am to go home, there is a part of me that does miss my home-away-from-home. People fill each other in on their breaks and ask each other how their new semesters are going. This year, we had snow once, and even though it was only an inch, everyone was really enthusiastic about playing with their neighbors in the snow.
Everyone gets into the spirit, going down the hall and writing messages on each other’s white boards and distributing hugs. Living in a residence hall is great during basketball season because there’s a whole group of friends readily available to help you cheer on the team! Sometimes, communities hold stress-relief or time-management events, which are both helpful and a way to unwind and socialize with friends.
This year, my community held a luau-themed social gathering where we wore leis, ate pineapple and grapes, listened to beach music, played volleyball, and met new friends! Make sure you invest in a desk light; that way you can keep studying even if your roommate wants the lights to be out!
The correct way to apply mousse is to rub it into damp hair and then comb them so that all the strands are properly coated with it. My RA made cookies and let us decorate them with candy corn, M & Ms, and frosting – my roommate made a spider web, and I made a ghost.
It’s a nice holiday to show your friends and neighbors you appreciate them and to spread the love.

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