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With big plans for the future we’re all about making our money go that little bit further and although the economy is getting better this does mean our dreams of a bigger house are getting further away as the house prices increase so we need to save more and spend less to allow our dreams to happen. This is driving me mad at the same time as making me happy I’ve started to buy items that we regularly use in large quantities or in bulk when on special offer. I have one child that within hours of putting on her clothes the knees have got holes in them.
Over the summer the lettuce and tomatoes that we ate almost daily came from our own garden. Homes need maintenance and they need redecorating especially if like us you are looking to sell in the future.

Welcome to Rainy Day Mum, I'm Cerys, a mum, a teacher, a marine biologist and now a writer. For more information about this please see our disclosure policy.I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I do things like buy a big box of mince meat (see about the buying in bulk above) and then make 3 or 4 meals from it over the week or bulk cook a meat sauce and freeze into smaller portions so we have multiple easy to cook meals. In pots on our deck – now we have a large garden but most of it is jungle at the moment so we were only able to grow in post however, as we ate salads most day over the summer this was ideal and we still have loads of seeds to use next year as well. Come and join us as I share ideas for kids, family from those to support learning and bring books alive, to family travel in the UK and further afield as well as wholesome home cooked recipes and much more.

If you would like more information or wish to discuss this further please email cerys [at] rainydaymum [dot] co [uk]. Instead of looking at just the price I look at the price per kg, or l, or unit that is displayed on the price ticket and compare that it means that we get the better price on food items and necessities whilst they are at the best value.
Use the Internet – you tube has some fabulous DIY tutorials for just about anything you want to know how to do and ask your friends and family.

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