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For starters, hedge funds come with high minimum investments ($1 million is standard) and typically have lock-in periods during which investors cannot withdraw funds. Meanwhile, over the last several years firms have rolled out hedge-fund-like mutual funds that are available to anyone. Nearly every major mutual fund company has entered the space either via alternative funds or non-traditional bond funds.
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Consider turning your Ad Blocker off so that we can continue to provide the world class journalism you have become accustomed to. The ideal investment portfolio is diverse; some funds will be allocated to each asset class. The property market often takes a dip at the beginning of a downturn, but does well when interest rates drop.

Your time-horizon will help you decide on this, too – if you are a few years away from retirement, for example, you’ll be more risk-averse, perhaps more inclined to steer clear of heavy investment in equities and weight your portfolio more to bonds, as you won’t want to risk taking a bath on stocks that suddenly turn down. But even younger people might want to ask themselves how comfortable they are with risk-taking: no matter how good the returns, if the stock market is going to give you nightmares, you might be better off keeping your equities slice thinner. The aggressive risk-taker is happy to risk losing something to make big gains, while the conservative, risk-averse person would rather earn less and be assured of hanging on to their capital.
SOCIALDISCLAIMERAny and all comments and opinions in this website constitute comment and opinion only and does not in any way constitute personal financial advice. For decades hedge funds were a very exclusive club,” says Ron Wiener, president of RDM Financial Group in Westport, Conn. At last count, there were more than 625 alternative and non-traditional funds tracked by Morningstar.
Still others worry that after decades of appreciation in the bond market they need to rethink the definition of a diversified portfolio.

The more time you have, the more you can take risks and trust in time to smooth out the bumps in the road.
For others, hedge funds are a way to add an additional element of diversification beyond stocks and bonds. Stashing a larger proportion of your funds in the stock market, in carefully chosen stocks, can yield very well, as can the property market, but as we’ve seen, there can be tremendous fluctuations.

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